Hamilton's Huffs

Just let me drive maaaan
Twitter gate
If I slow down is Jenson going to pass me or not
Monkeys at the back
McLaren won't let me keep my trophies waaahhhh!!!!
Face on Podium at Turkey 2010
Refusal to pay British tax

I would have preferred 'Homie Hamilton' much more to work with and growing every day....
Pussycat doll girlfriend
left earring
right earring
funny beard thing
Cap resting on head
Rihanna in the garage
Mercedes let me where baggy jeans
izit coz
Cars 2
His choice of manager
Prefers to hang out with rappers than spend time in simulator
It's my bed time:sleeping:
I like eating food ...:snacks:
... so does Roscoe
I'm still having trouble with the brakes:oops:
Nico was faster than me:2nd:
It's lunchtime:snacks:
Fernando is a great bloke:goodday:
It's his car:rolleyes:
It's time I got out of bed:coffee:
... :thinking: ...
I only left McLaren for the money...

Sergio has really got the measure of Jenson in his first year in the team...

I don't know which I love more, my Dog or my Pussycat...
I can't drive any slower,
I can't drive any quicker
I can't drive
I need my space
I need new tyres
It wasn't my idea
I could overtake but you wouldn't let me
I let him overtake and now you're punishing me
I want to keep the trophy
I don't want to meet the sponsor
I don't need my dad
It's not the same
It is the same
I need to have the same equipment
I had the same equipment but it wasn't working
Unfortunately we went down the wrong set up route
Look, there, see, I'm quicker in that corner
I'm not following him any more
Turns out he never followed me
It's hard to tell who's following who at the moment
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