Guest writers wanted for Grand Prix discussion threads


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As most of you are probably aware, we have dedicated discussion threads for each Grand Prix.
This is the archive from 2012, for example:

Traditionally these have been posted by staff members (for no other reason than no-one else wanted to do them :D) but there are a lot of talented writers amongst our members so we would welcome contributions from the wider membership.

They can be as serious or as witty as you wish; all we ask is that you try and post a few paragraphs, rather than a few lines.

We have a minimum two week lead time for most discussion threads, the exception being the back to back races, which is obviously the Sunday evening after the GP and preceding the next race.
The dates below therefore are the latest dates by which the threads must be posted. They can of course be posted earlier than these dates, if you wish.
  1. 03 March - Australian GP GermanF1
  2. 17 March - Malaysian GP GermanF1
  3. 31 March - Chinese GP mjo
  4. 14 April - Bahrain GP gethinceri
  5. 28 April - Spanish GP GermanF1
  6. 12 May - Monaco GP FB
  7. 26 May - Canadian GP Olivier
  8. 16 June - British GP Boyle
  9. 30 June - German GP GermanF1
  10. 14 July - Hungarian GP Kamui-FastestChefInTheWorld
  11. 11 August - Belgian GP mjo
  12. 25 August - Italian GP mjo
  13. 08 September - Singapore GP RasputinLives
  14. 22 September - Korean GP mjo
  15. 06 October - Japanese GP cider_and_toast
  16. 13 October - Indian GP Rachit Bedi
  17. 27 October - Abu Dhabi GP cider_and_toast
  18. 03 November - United States GP Jen
  19. 17 November - Brazilian GP Jen
So if anyone wants to volunteer to write one or more for this season, stick your name down for any that take your fancy.

Please use this format for thread titles: 2013 Australian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion
We use this format as it has some SEO benefit due to containing specific keywords.
Brogan You know what? I'm gonna have plenty of time during the next months. I'll take all the races until the German GP. Hope this is ok for you and the rest. gethinceri If you want to do the Bahrain GP just say so and it's yours!
With the overriding disclaimer that there may be some critical political messages in my article I will take on the Bahrain burden, it will force me to watch the race though.
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