Going for GOLD. Round 4.


Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Its 80's quiz time. Cue the theme tune..

Going for GOLD.
The heat is on. The time is right.
Its time for you, for you to play your game.
People are coming, everyones trying.
Trying to be the best that they can.
When they're going for going for GOLD.

Now lets welcome your host. Henry Kelly..
Welcome contestants. I will read a series of clues the quicker you buzz in the more points you will receive. Work your way down the List. If you think you know the answer and want to risk hitting the Buzzer for big points, Be aware just one wrong answer and you will be frozen out until the next question.
So if you are ready.. fingers on buzzers.

Question 1. What am I ?
I am European
Prost won here in 1993 despite a stop go penalty
I replaced a true great
I was 4.219 miles long then 4.227 then 4.239 then 2.842
A spectator went track side here in 2000 bringing out the safty car
I am known for my forests
I was originally built as a test track for Mercedes
I have corners named Nord Kurve, Sachs Kurve and Spitzkehre
Jim Clark died here in 1968
I am in Germany
Contestant 1 has buzzed in. Lets see if they are right.
Answer : Hockenheim

Question 2. Who am I ?
I finished 2nd overall in Formula 3 in 1980
I first drove in F1 for Arrows
I have raced 163 Grand Prix
My best result in the world drivers championship was 4th in 1988
I have won 3 races
I am European
I drove for Benetton in 1987 and 1988
I drove for Williams in 1989 and 1990 giving me my 3 wins
I saw out my F1 career with Ligier and then Jordan in 1993
I am Belgian
Contestant 1 has buzzed in. Lets see if they are right.
Answer : Thierry Boutsen

Final Question. When am I ?
Fisichella finished behind his team mate in the WDC
Ralf Schumacher scored 14 points for the whole year
This was an epic year for Mclaren Vs Ferrari
Hakkinen won at Monaco after Coulthards engine blew
The race was restarted in Canada after Wurz had an aerobatic moment
Irvine finished the WDC 39 points behind Schumacher
Williams, Jordan and Benetton finished 3rd, 4th and 5th with just 5 points separating them
Damon hill drove a Jordan
McLaren won the Constructor championship
Hakkinen won the Drivers Championship
Contestant 1 has buzzed in. Lets see if they are right.
Answer : 1998

Thats the end of this round and the points are ......
6 (6+0+0)

I got 6 points!
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