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We all know how difficult it is to get F1 video online due to FOM constantly removing clips from YouTube.

What you may not know is there is a video section on the official F1 site here:

Not only are there short edited versions of each race but there are also the pole position laps.
Not as good as full races but better than nothing.

The BBC do go one better and provide some archive video highlights on their main Formula One site:

Then of course there's the BBC iPlayer which has full races available for 1 week:
Just the topic to spill my anger. >:(
The latest race-edit is up, Abu Dhabi. While the editing is ok (nothing special, IMHO), its really annoying how F1 editors have a bad taste in music. It practically ruins the whole video (especially in the mentioned Abu Dhabi race edit). This is not the first edit with music problems.
I understand that FOM editors are trying to appeal to younger audiences, but the whole site is ridiculous. They don't have a YouTube channel (wtf), you can't share the video on Facebook, Twitter (or other social networking sites), the videos are not "color corrected", or to everyone else, they use the same feed as you get on the TV. Maybe some slow-motion and thats all.

Meanwhile... The Eurosport edit is pretty good. (not brilliant, but a lot better than FOMs).

edit : if this video is by FOM, why is it a lot better than what we get on the website?
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