Head To Head Fernando Alonso vs Kimi Räikkönen

Now I have to post this again:

I don't get your graph teabagyokel, there are 3 place jumps on the y axis yet 5 lined spaces, I am bemused. Tell me there's a mathematical/graph rule of which I am unaware, or change it immediately to fit my OCD.
Also, why's Alonso got two blobs for 2001?
I'll think you'll find that those are Kimi's blobs in 2001 gethinceri but good point well made....

And didn't Kimi nearly have a single drive for a team in 2001 until someone tapped him on the shoulder whilst he was asleep in the car sat on the grid and said "Oi Kimi your meant to be in that car over there mate...." Hence the second blob..:snigger:
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the pundits reckon Fernando will come up on top but will be pushed hard

Not sure Nando could join Mclaren now unless Santander decide to put their money back into Mclaren then no doubt whoever the other driver is will be expected to be No 2
I can't help feeling that these "Versus" threads represent little more than crumbs of distraction from the one relevant thread right now (as of yet unwritten): "Vettel/Red Bull V Everyone else".

I think you'll find that the "201n Season" and "201n [insert circuit/venue name] Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion" threads are in fact the "Vettel/Red Bull V Everyone else" threads :D
I believe that Kimi joining Ferrari is the best thing that could happen for Fernando, Ferrari and ultimately us F1 viewers.
In much the same way as Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton both needed a kick up the bum Fernando and Kimi both need a team mate that will motivate them. Both Kimi and Fernando are emotional characters with hidden levels of talent and ability, both will have to explore those depths in 2014 if they want to beat their team mate.

Lewis and Nico have inspired each other, if Kimi and Fernando don't inspire each other in the same way I will eat my own leg.:facepalm:
Best get in a load of tomato sauce then snowy, :unsure: I think it possible that Alonso will throw all of his toys out of the cot and flounce off, or Kimi will just sit back and take the money. I would prefer your scenario though.
These lads are now grown-ups (as far as racers go) and, if Ferrari have any sense, they will be allowed to race until such time as one is ahead of the other by a significant margin.

I think snowy is right and they will both up their game. I also believe that Nando is more competitive (in a personal sense) and will strive even harder to make a, possibly, second rate car perform better than it should do. They are both racers and winners, but I'm not convinced that Kimi is as focussed as Nando - that might be the difference.
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