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A list of all fastest laps achieved during the race for all F1 World Championship races held at Monaco.

I've used Monaco as it has been part of the championship since 1950 (except 1951 - 1954) and the circuit has remained almost unchanged.

19501:51.000Juan Manuel Fangio
19551:42.400Juan Manuel Fangio
19561:44.400Juan Manuel Fangio
19571:45.600Juan Manuel Fangio
19581:40.600Mike Hawthorn
19591:40.400Jack Brabham
19601:36.200Bruce McLaren
19611:36.300Stirling Moss & Richie Ginther
19621:35.500Jim Clark
19631:34.500John Surtees
19641:33.900Graham Hill
19651:31.700Graham Hill
19661:29.800Lorenzo Bandini
19671:29.500Jim Clark
19681:28.100Richard Attwood
19691:25.100Jackie Stewart
19701:23.200Jochen Rindt
19711:22.200Jackie Stewart
19721:40.000Jean-Pierre Beltoise
19731:28.100Emerson Fittipaldi
19741:27.900Ronnie Peterson
19751:28.670Patrick Depailler
19761:30.280Clay Regazzoni
19771:31.070Jody Scheckter
19781:28.650Niki Lauda
19791:28.820Patrick Depailler
19801:27.418Carlos Reutemann
19811:27.470Alan Jones
19821:26.354Riccardo Patrese
19831:27.283Nelson Piquet
19841:54.334Ayrton Senna
19851:22.637Michele Alboreto
19861:26.607Alain Prost
19871:27.685Ayrton Senna
19881:26.321Ayrton Senna
19891:25.501Alain Prost
19901:24.468Ayrton Senna
19911:24.368Alain Prost
19921:21.598Nigel Mansell
19931:23.604Alain Prost
19941:21.076Michael Schumacher
19951:24.621Jean Alesi
19961:25.205Jean Alesi
19971:53.315Michael Schumacher
19981:22.948Mika Häkkinen
19991:22.259Mika Häkkinen
20001:21.571Mika Häkkinen
20011:19.424David Coulthard
20021:18.023Rubens Barrichello
20031:14.545Kimi Räikkönen
20041:14.439Michael Schumacher
20051:15.842Michael Schumacher
20061:15.143Michael Schumacher
20071:15.284Fernando Alonso
20081:16.689Kimi Räikkönen
20091:15.154Felipe Massa

A chart plotting the fastest laps with some specific times highlighed.

Ah, missed that one! It's one set of statistics that keeps pulling you back with the weather hic-ups and then the period rule changes to slow the cars down over the last 15-20 years
Yes, the really slow laps are due to weather (except for 1950) but it's interesting to see the effect of rule changes on the lap times over the years and how the teams have countered.

Of course Monaco is a slow circuit so we would need to repeat the exercise on a "normal" circuit with a decent high speed straight to get a better idea.

Any suggestions which circuit would be a good candidate?
One that has been on the calendar for most of the last 59 years and hasn't undergone any significant layout changes.
Although Monaco is probably the least-changed circuit over the last 60 years it has still undergone some pretty major changes from time to time:

1973: Swimming Pool, Rascasse and Antony Noghes corners added (previously it was a straight run from Tabac to a Hairpin (Gasometer) and then back along what is currently the main straight).

1976: Antony Noghes and Ste-Devote corners reprofiled and tightened.

1986: Nouvelle Chicane replaced Chicane du Port on the harbour front (much tighter and slower).

1997: First part of Swimming Pool section opened out (faster).

2003: Second part of Swimming Pool tightened, entry to Rascasse opened out.

Source: http://theracingline.net/racingcircuits/racingcircuits/

Hopefully this provides a bit of context for some of the lap time fluctuations.
That's great, thanks GM.

Correlating those changes with the lap times, you can actually see the effect of most of them.
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