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I am looking to start a 16 member league for F1 2012 on PS3. The game just came out today in the United States, I am not sure when it will be released in England, Europe, ect (21 September?)

If anyone would be interested click here:

Please let me know if you would like to be included, just send me your PS name - I will take the first 15 others interested.

If we get a lot of interest, I will be more than willing to help anyone else set up a league and we can run it through the blogspot site I already set up.

Thanks guys!
I could do it if you had the start time at 4:00 GMT (10:00 a.m. USA central) still might not be able to show all the time. I also don' t know how good I would be and don't have the game yet. I'll probably get it this weekend so I'll let you know.
4:00pm works for me..Each race weekend should only take 45 minutes max anyways. I'm not too great at it yet either, but I'm trying to get there! What's your PSN name?
I was hoping next Saturday, but that can be changed. I haven't gotten much interest, so if I can't find others to join, would you be interested in doing co-op championship?
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