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2010 in F1 was about these 4 countries, and I'm sure you'll find them elsewhere in sport. So here is their quiz.

1. 1986 was the first year that all of the countries hosted a Grand Prix. Who won the mini-Championship counting these 4 races?
Nelson Piquet (21) from Mansell (19), Prost (18) and Senna (15)

2. Who was the first English driver to win the German Grand Prix?

Tony Brooks

3. In the Spanish-German title fight of 2006, how many podiums did Fernando Alonso attain in 18 races?

A mind-numbingly consistent 14

4. Name the only Australian driver to win at the other 3 nations' Grand Prix.

Maaaaaark Webber in 2009-10!

5. Who was the last driver to win three of these 4 races in a season?

Lewis Hamilton in 2008 (Au, GB, Ge). Last to win the lot was Schumi in 2004!

6. Spain's first podium was in which country?

Britain in 1956 through Ferrari's Alfonso de Portago. Alonso's first podium was in 2003 at Sepang. He is responsible for all bar 2 of Spain's podiums, all their wins, all their poles and all but one of their fastest laps.

7. Who was the first German to win in Spain?

Jochen Mass in the shortened 1975 race.

8. Other than Michael Schumacher, name (for 1/6 of a point each) the English, German and Spanish entrants to the 1999 Australian Grand Prix.

Ralf Schumacher, Damon Hill, HH Frentzen, Pedro de la Rosa, Johnny Herbert and Marc Gene.
Guessing David Coulthard or Eddie Irvine wins limitless disgust!

9. How many times were 2009 podia composed exclusively of people from the 4 nations above?

Malaysia - Button, Heidfeld, Glock
China & Abu Dhabi - Vettel, Webber, Button
Turkey - Button, Webber, Vettel
Singapore - Hamilton, Glock, Alonso

10. When the Spanish GP was pulled out of the Championship for political reasons, who won it?

Alan Jones in 1980

Auf Wiedersehen!
Cheerio, mate!
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