Earth Sized Planets

Actually I'm surprised the estimate is so low after all there are two planets in our own system alone that are earth sized those being Earth (Obviously.) and Venus.....
True, but given that the are "17 BILLION Earth Sized planets in the Milky Way alone :o" just how many of those are inhabited!!!

OMG!! :o

Scuse me, whilst I vacate my pants...:oops:
Actually, what is far more important than size is location. Any solid-surface planet that is located in the so-called "Goldilocks zone" where liquid water can exist is a possible (likely) candidate for harboring life.
So even if just 1% of those planets has life. And just 1% of those has intelligent life, that leaves 1.7 million planets sending out 'Radio alien' and 'TV little green men' …..

So how come we haven't identified any of them yet despite SETI running since 1980 ?
What's the furthest distance a typical planet based radio wave can travel before being attenuated too much or just swamped by static and other signals?

This is exciting news though - I for one absolutely do not think we are the only intelligent life in the universe.
We can't just be a one off although for our sake I hope whoever we encounter are more intelligent and friendly than we are likely to be if we ever encounter a less developed race.
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