DVD: Ayrton Senna - The Will To Win


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Ok so let's get the reviews thread going then and start with this little gem.

If there is anything you've ever wanted to know about the life and times of Ayrton Senna than may I suggest you stay as far away from this DVD as possible !!

I don't know how we are going to rate stuff in this thread, (out of 5 Apexes? Out of five Clips? Out of five CTAs?) but what ever it is this DVD would get less than 0.

Filmed on a budget that could best be described as nil this DVD is supposed to give you an insight into the greatest formula one driver of a generation. To do this it uses stock 70s F1 footage, footage of a historic F1 and sports car race and this is the best bit, with the worlds dullest voice over to describe Sennas skill around Monaco, A computer simulation of the track featuring an artists impression of an early 00's F1 car.

There are a couple of interviews with F1 types such as Damon Hill which seem to have been filmed at a corperate open day using the method of approaching said person with a camcorder and asking them to say a few words about Senna. Hills contribution consists of nothing more than saying something along the lines of "Senna was good"

This DVD does have its uses though. It would make a great door stop or coaster or perhaps a cat litter tray.

If you think it's just me then for a good laugh you can read similar comments on Amazon.

Please Please Please do not buy this poorly made garbage. You will learn more about Senna's life from his Wiki page than you will from this.

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It was a Birthday prezzy from the good lady.

1) No matter how bad, I think she'd be a bit offended if I sold it.
2) After that review who would buy it anyway.

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