Driver Salaries 2013


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I bet they all do. Do Marlboro still pick up the Ferrari driver salaries?
Santander pay for Alonso's, they also paid off Raikkonen in 2009 to bring in Alonso a year early, whether they pay Massa or not, I don't know.


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Kimi is the most underpaid and Button is the most overpaid. Vettel is also underpaid, but I'd take a lower salary for a red bull seat too.

Hamilton clearly got a big salary to leave McLaren for a team with a very poor track record.

Interesting that Mercedes has the highest driver payroll of any team, although this makes you wonder how high McLarens payroll must have been last year!


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I've heard he gets large bonuses for wins, titles and podiums...
This is probably why Mercedes had to give such a high base salary to Lewis. To compensate for the significant reduction in chance to win (at least from last years perspective when we didn't know McLaren would show up with a duff car this year.


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Force India drivers don't get paid that much compared to the rest, in saying that, I would be happy with £400,000 salary, another surprising that di Resta gets paid less than Sutil despite being with the team for 3 years now.

Expected Perez to be quite low, as he's probably had a 700% increase.

As for Webber, £10 million for doing an average job, he's raking it in with his performances.
How did Britney Rosberg get $11 MM ???

Cor blimey ...


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Might that have to do with the fact he finished 2nd in 2011 and was beating Lewis at the time to add leverage to this given his originally salary was €8-10m
Raikkonen got paid €45-50m a year at Ferrari so getting peanuts this time would not matter as much plus it was because he priced himself out of a Mclaren drive by asking more than Button he was out of F1


Lotus like I;ve been saying don;t have the money to pay top driver rates so come renegotiation Kimi will want a big raise on his current worth and that points his previous personal sponsors - Red Bull


The lower teams work on drivers bringing on sponsors to the team to paid their wages

Perez' wage is low but am sure there are performance related bonuses
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