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Mercedes - Bottas has signed a one year deal with Mercedes. It seems as though they are waiting for other top drivers to become available.
Furthermore, there have been rumors about Hamilton retiring, if he wins the championship.

Red Bull - Verstappen is under contract until 2020, whilst Ricciardo will be free after 2017. The media have linked him with a move to Ferrari.

Ferrari - Raikkonens deal will expire at the end of 2017 and it seems unlikely that Ferrari will sign him on for another year.

Force India - Sergio Perez is eyeing a move to a top team, and in recent years he has shown that matured and thus is worthy of being given another chance. In addition the teams future is unclear as one owner is already in jail and the other is facing extradition and a trial in India. Ocon has made a strong impression on the F1 scene and is the prime candidate to replace Bottas at Mercedes.

Williams - Stroll will take one of the seats for 2018, and will Massa extend his contract or retire once more?

McLaren - Alonso is hoping for a change in fortunes and will be seeking a move to different team, if Honda don't step up the game and make huge performance and more importantly reliabilty leaps in the coming races. Although is stated his commitment to the team in several interviews, there are already doubts about Alonso finishing the season for McLaren.

Toro Rosso - Kvyat had an abysmal start to the 2016 season and with the degredation to Toro Rosso, his performances have stabilized in 2017 and he is on par with Sainz Jr.. No driver has competed for Toro Rosso more than three years, which would mean that the time of both drivers at Toro Rosso is up.

Haas - Both drivers have multi- year deals and seem happy to remain with the team.

Renault - Palmers results were poor throughout 2016 and he is showing no signs of improvement in 2017, therefore a contract extension seems unlikely, especially when considering Renaults high ambitions and rising form.

Sauber - Wehrlein has been placed at Sauber by Mercedes and a move for 2018 seems highly improbable. As usual, the second seat will go to the highest bidding driver or maybe to Giovinazzi, who replaced Wehrlein for the first two races of 2017.
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I think Kvyat's name is implied right?

If Hamilton decides to retire, this will open a door fora top driver. I wonder what top driver has no competitive seat today?
Let me see, the driver who lost to his team mate at Red Bull welcoming said driver with open arms and giving him a Mafia kiss?
Alonso to Renault, Danny R to Mercedes, Bottas back to Williams, Button to keep the seat warm at the back of the grid for McLaren Peugeot.

Sainz to Red Bull to partner Max, a clutch of newbies from the Red Bull young driver program to fill in at Torro Rosso.

A selection of money rich / Talent poor stragglers for the remaining seats at Sauber etc.
I'm with The Pits, apart from the McLaren Peugeot bit. I suspect McLaren are just arrogant enough to stick with Honda for another season especially as no one else will give them an engine. If McLaren had any sense they would be knocking on the door of Porsche or Toyota to take advantage of the huge knowledge they have built up from their WEC hybrids.
I think Palmer might be gone after this year, i think last yr was a unlucky year & could be classed as learning but he been abit more & if runours are to be believe he got that seats as people at renault ran out drivers to ask. So Alonso or Rowland would be much better teammate

I believe we will have an all new line up at toro rosso next season Sainz Jr after the Renault saga at suzuka, you can already tell is fed up with being in a junior team & can see him being on ferraris shortlist. Nothing against Kvyat nice man & still young enough to do something bit im amazed he's driving in 2017 nevermind 2018 after how he was treated in 2016

Raikkonens surely in his final season but then ive said that in 2014, 2015 & 2016 haha, theyve surely got to go for younger blood at some point, as much as i love Kimi ive no idea why they rehired him in the 1st place in 2014. Espically with the drivers lining up Riccardio Sainz jr Giovinazzi even Lewis has expressed interest in driving for ferrari at monza

For me its 1 or other i cant see Alonso driving a Mclaren Honda. Although i can see Alonso driving a Mclaren TBC because there is no trust anymore, after 2015/2017 expectations/ boasts compared to reality how can alonso Trust Honda again in 2018
Raikkonens deal will expire at the end of 2017 and it seems unlikely that Ferrari will sign him on for another year.

This has been written multiple times over the last 4 years so Wouldn't count your chickens.

No driver has competed for Toro Rosso more than three years, which would mean that the time of both drivers at Toro Rosso is up

I think unless Sainz and Kvyat decide to move they'll stick with them both. Red Bulls only junior who is ready for F1 is Gasly and, as he has upset Marko on multiple occasions with his media interaction, I Don't think they are that keen on him.

Sauber - Wehrlein has been placed at Sauber by Mercedes and a move for 2018 seems highly improbable

Sauber look set to sign a deal for Honda engines and therefore I think Wherlein will exit stage left. Honda will want one of their own in and Ericsson is pretty nailed on for a seat.
IMO Alonso will have very limited options. I suspect that his constant complaining will have made him persona non grata for most teams.

Ferrari is a difficult proposition for any driver. The atmosphere there is such that, when the team does well, it is because of the car, and when it does poorly, it is the fault of the driver. Many of the top drivers have such egos that they could not accept such an arrangement.
Ferrari might replace Kimi with a Grosjean or a Perez but doubt they'll go Danny Ric or Hamilton with Vettel around.

Alonso's only hope is Hamilton retiring as I Don't see Renault going for it. They are still on a come back and I Don't think they'd risk his wraith derailing things if next year's car Isn't as good as it should be. I can see the plumping for Sainz though.

Also I imagine Ferrari would like to put Charles LeClerc on the grid somewhere. Haas would be the best place but that would mean someone getting out the way.
Personally, I would like to see Ferrari give Giovinazzi the ride.I still think he is a very large talent.
I'd like to see Sainz in Ferrari. The only problem could be price as I don't see Carlos going to RedBull. All the other options are not as attractive but Ferrari may not want to give up on Kimi just yet.
I have a feeling the constructors title will be won or lost by the performances of Kimi and Bottas and that will have a big bearing on who stays and goes next season.
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