Driver of the day - Singapore

Who is your driver of the day for Singapore?

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I've gone for Nico.

He pushed hard despite having to dive into the pits when they were closed thus earning himself a stop and go.
Difficult one this.

FA won but I feel this was more due to strategy and lucky timing with the safety car. He did however drive a faultless race.

NR on the other hand had to endure a penalty and still managed to finish 2nd, just a handful of seconds behind FA. Again, with an error-free drive.

LH didn't put a foot wrong and although he couldn't keep up with the pace of Massa, he was on for a potential 2nd place prior to the SC being deployed.

So on reflection, I dunno :D
Out of the three podium finishers I would have to go with Rosberg. Yes, Alonso won it, but I think that he won due to his own team's incompetence (in Quali 2 & when Piquet hit wall). I think Hamilton was the big beneficiary of the race and was on the podium by merit. (i.e. he won the race of the people on his strategy!) However, Rosberg gets the award because he overcame the fact that his Williams is not a great car and a stop-go penalty to come second behind Alonso in the fastest Renault of the season.

Yes, Fisi being in third helped Rosberg when he led after SC1, but he was still able to blast away from Jarno Trulli, who had a bad weekend but was pretty light when Rosberg was pulling away. He also kept Hamilton behind him when Hamilton was actually bothered!
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