Donington is back, the next serious event is the Masters Series on the 3,4,5th September.

I will be going and will be easily recognised by being surrounded by men in white coats.

Does anybody have any info on what state the track is at financially at the moment.
i.e Will it be able to return full time and host races full time again, infact even there commitments this season like the BTCC?

Oh and Ernie, what state was the track in when you went there. Saw a video of it at what must of been the turn of the year and it was god awful. Tarmac ripped out in parts. weeds growing through cracks in others. It looked no-one had been derelict for years and i went to the MotoGP in June last year.

Hopefully its on the upturn now because losing Donington would be a massive loss to british Motorsport at least.

The track is fully restored, and looks as good as ever, Goddards ESSES are slightly earlier by 50 metres or so making the start straight a bit longer.

Kevin Wheatcroft is taking an active interest in the activities and was present in the pit lane on occasions, which is good.

Looks like business as usual.
Sounds great.

Seen that Donington has got BTCC again next year so looks like its heading in the right direction.

Hope it can find somewhere back on the MotoGP calendar sometime tho. Not as if there arn't enough spanish races on the Calander already LOL

Might even make the trip to BTCC race as i missed the sliverstone one i wanted to go to.
Andrea_Moda_Rules said:
Might even make the trip to BTCC race as i missed the sliverstone one i wanted to go to.
Same here.
We were all set to go to Brands Hatch (again) this year but as usual events got in the way :disappointed:

Looking forward to seeing the BTCC at Donington the weekend after next.
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