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I noticed young Daniel didn't have his own thread so thought I'd give him on as sure he'll be around for a good few years.

Born in 1989 (that makes him 22 before you do the maths) this aussie started karting at the age of 9 and in 2005 entered the Western Australian Formula Ford Championship as a privateer driving a car that was 15 years old at the time and managed to finish 8th. He won a scholarship to compete in Formula BMW Asia the following year. As we all know he eventually became involved in the Red Bull young driver programme after winning the British Formula 3 championship in 2009.

Became Red Bull's test driver and has now stepped up to drive for HRT. Has been really hyped as the next big thing by the Red Bull team and the press. Eddie Jordan described him as a future world champion before he'd even done his first Grand Prix. The truth is though he has not set the world alight at HRT. How can one set the world alight at HRT I hear you ask to which I say - good point! Although he has beaten Liuzzi twice already in the races I believe he needs to get on top of him in quali too. Also he's being beaten by quite a way in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series by both Robert Wickens and Jean-Eric Vergne.

So Ricciardo - future number 1 or going going gone?


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His life earnings is going to be smaller than Max but certainly it is absolute bollocks for Red Bull to say they can't offer him the same wages as Max


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It would appear that transitioning to another team in this hybrid era is more difficult than at any other time in F1. Whether this is less opportunity to test or the complexity of the current cars I don't know, but Ricciardo has, and is, struggling at McLaren, Vettel was struggling at Aston Martin and Sainz is taking time to get as close as we would expect to le Clerc at Ferrari.

I'm sure I saw some article about why this might be, I'll try and dig them out.


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carlos sainz had a fascinating interview on sky F1. at imola or Portugal where ne described the 4 cars he driven & he says that with them all looking the same. you assumed they all be very similar inside. but he said ie: McLaren to Ferrari is like moving to different single seater Formula not moving teams in the same catagory
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