Century Grand Prix quiz


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So, next weekend there is a Grand Prix in Bahrain. It will be 900th World Championship Grand Prix, including Indy 500 in 1950-60.

To honor that, let's re-live earlier century Grand Prix's!

1. 100th Grand Prix took place at the Nürburgring, but on which year?
2. 200th Grand Prix was held in Monaco 1971. In those days, the grid at Monaco was smaller than elsewhere. How many drivers started?
18. Half a point for 16-20.
3. 300th Grand Prix was held at Kyalami in 1978. Which World Champion made his debut at that race?
Keke Rosberg
4. 400th Grand Prix was held at Österreichring 1984. Niki Lauda and Gerhard Berger were competing along with third Austrian. Who?
Jo Gartner
5. 500th Grand Prix at Adelaide 1990. Famous picture containing seven world champions was taken there. How many titles those seven drivers had at that time?
18. Fangio had five, Brabham, Piquet and Stewart three each, Senna two a the time, Hunt and Hulme had one. Half a point for 17/19.
6. 600th Grand Prix at Buenos Aires 1997. Which team saw their drivers colliding with each other during the race?
Jordan, with Giancarlo Fisichella and Ralf Schumacher. Fisi was out, but Ralf went on to finish 3rd.
7. 700th Grand Prix was held at Interlagos 2003. Remembered of the river across the track, how many drivers retired at that single corner?
Six. In order of them going out: Wilson, Montoya, Pizzonia, M Schumacher, Verstappen and Button.
8. 800th Grand Prix was held at Singapore 2008. The race had two safety car periods. One was notoriously caused by Nelson Piquet jr, but who caused another?
Adrian Sutil in turn 18.
9. 900th Grand Prix will be held at Bahrain 2014. How many drivers who competed at Singapore 2008 will be participating?
Eight. Alonso, Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel, Button, Massa, Räikkönen and Sutil. Half a point for seven or nine.
10. How many of the previous century winners are still alive?
Seven. Only 300th GP winner Ronnie Peterson is no longer with us. Stirling Moss won 100th, Jackie Stewart 200th, Niki Lauda 400th, Nelson Piquet 500th, Jacques Villeneuve 600th, Giancarlo Fisichella 700th and Fernando Alonso 800th.
800 - first night race
900 - first full night race outside Singapore :o

Hope it is as good as 700 and as memorable as 800, but for different reasons.
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