BRDC British F4 2015


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Having already talked to the likes of FB and Mephistopheles about this series I know we have a few watchers here on Clip The Apex so thought I'd post a thread on it, especially having just caught up and having been jumping out of my seat at how exciting the second race at Silverstone was.

For those unaware this is a grass roots spec series of basic F4 cars with races taking place on circuits all over the UK. Its proper wheel banging stuff with all the drivers usually fresh out of Karts and trying to get on the ladder towards F1. The series is in its third year and seems to have gone up to a pretty high standard already and its real close racing. You get bang for your buck too with 3 races at every round.

Names to look out for? Will Palmer, who is the son of Jonathan and brother of Jolyon is shaping up to be a proper prospect and currently leads the championship. Currently in 2nd place is Mexican driver Forseca who had an amazing drive in the second race at Silverstone. Also worth mentioning are Harrington Newy (son of Adrian), who is very quick but keeps hitting things, Jordan Albert and Omar Ishmail.

This is grass roots and what has struck me is that motorsport at this level is no longer a middle class white man sport as this series especially has every ethnicity you can think of represented.....except for woman (not sure why that is). I remember having a conversation with Fenderman once saying he loved motorsport but would love to see people from his own background involved. It appears its happening at grass roots. Will be interesting to see if it filters through to the top level.

You can watch the series live on Motors but I prefer to wait and watch the delayed hour long package that is on ITV4 as they do a really good job of putting it together. Anyone seen much of this so far? Anyone seen the wet race 2 at Silverstone?
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