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Despite numerous requests not to do so, many people are still block quoting entire posts, making it difficult to actually read a thread without it being littered with duplicated content.
This is actually in breach of rule 5:

What makes it worse is the quote can take up a whole page and the response is just a handful of words.

That being the case, the Quote link has been temporarily removed from posts, in an attempt to curb this behaviour.

Quote posts by all means, but there is no need to quote every single post you respond to, nor to quote the entire contents of posts.
There is especially no need to quote a post directly above your own.

The quote link will return in due course, once everyone has had a chance to read this thread.
The intention is not to get people to stop quoting, it is after all a vital function of the forum, especially with the alerts.

What we're trying to do is stop huge posts being quoted in their entirety when in fact the poster is only responding to a single comment within that post.

Or even quoting posts just for the sake of it when all that's required is to just reply to the thread.
It's just laziness to be honest, it's almost always better to trim any post you quote

Here is a little trick some might find usefull

Instead of quoting then editing the quote, simply copy the relevant section from the post, click 'quote' then replace the whole post with the selection that will be on your clipboard by pasting between the start and end code

Even on an iPhone this is easier than quoting the whole post and trying to delete irrelevant bits
When there are posts going on at 20 per minute how do you get yours to go directly under the one which you want to answer?
So you don't know if your post is going to be directly after the one that you are answering. Maybe using the short quote, then if your post is in the right place do an edit to get rid of the quote.

Better still, do very short posts and type quickly.
May I make a suggestion?

Would it be possible to add a routine to the quote function giving a message to anyone who presses the quote link saying something like

"Please delete any superfluous text before continuing"

And then add a continue button.
I can add some text to the tooltip but anything more than that would require custom programming.

I would hope that once people are aware that quotes can and should be trimmed we won't need to do any more...
It is very difficult to block edit on smartphones. I don't know if you have tried, but often my HTC will decide not to allow me to select anything, or limit me to slecting one word. Sometimes I can block select, but not always. It also makes copy/paste impossible. Deleting character by character is simply not practical either because it takes too long and over runs when you hold the soft key down. Believe me I have tried... :dunno:

If you can't edit it makes the whole thing harder. I have to admit that I have already thought "sod it, I can't be bothered to post" because of this. Similarly, I have also not posted at least twice in the last 24hrs because the quote is now disabled. I don't understand how to use the function without the quote button.

(one of those posts would have told you that you had won your FF1 cup match, btw).
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