Belgian GP Countdown Thing


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OK, so after a dry run in a fit of boredom in the middle of the break, I was thinking we could institutionalise this game based on Channel 4's longest running show.

Essentially, the idea is to have 6 numbers based upon the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps to be held this weekend and challenge the fraternity of Apex Clippers to, using addition, subraction, multiplication and (in extreme cases) division, reach a target of three digits chosen using the True Random Number Generator on

Why do I post now? Well to fairly set the numbers, I'm going to choose in which way numbers are to be generated before the race, and then the clock starts ticking on the finish line on Sunday.

So, for the Belgian GP we have.

[bg=#4444FF]Winning engine: 25 Mercedes, 50 Ferrari, 75 Cosworth, 100 Renault
Car number of Winner
Position of MARK WEBBER on lap 15
Car number of 3rd fastest lap
Qualifying position of ROBERT KUBICA
Race Number (13)

ie. 25 2 5 11 3 13

And the target will be

Good luck!
This might be a silly Q.... I've not actually seen Countdown since i left school and can't remember exactly so ill ask anyway..

Do we have to use all six numbers on the day, or just whatever we need to clip the target?

Considering our international membership this may not actually be such a silly question... so, really silly Q... What happens when Webber overtakes three people on lap 15? :unsure:
You do not have to use all six numbers if you don't need to. Not a silly question at all, and sorry for those that don't have C4.

I will be taking the score for Webber at the end of lap 15.
So, first to post the answer is the winner. The numbers are:

[bg=#3300FF]25 2 5 11 3 13[/bg]

And the target is

I can confirm it can be done...!
Ahh damn it. Too late!!!

Maybe in future (like the first one) we should post our answers in a button so those following behind can still play?

Well in though Jen!
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