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For those of you who don't have Sky, the BBC will be broadcasting practice sessions from those races they don't broadcast live, on BBC2 and BBC2 HD.

More details here:

The races the BBC are broadcasting live are:
  • China, 14 April
  • Spain, 12 May
  • Canada, 9 June
  • Silverstone, 30 June
  • Belgium, 25 August
  • Italy, 8 September
  • Japan, 13 October
  • India, 27 October
  • Brazil, 24 November
With the exception of Spain and India it looks like they have some decent circuits this year.
Still, I expect the full and comprehensive coverage they'll no doubt tout to be a complete bunch of lies again.
They didn't even have live text coverage at some of the races last year. Shocking. I hope Barabra whasserface is still pleased with herself. :clip:
They've got Tom Clarkson now, if I remember he was a rather good pit lane interview guy when he did a couple of races last season. And Allan Mcnish will be on 5live.
Yay, we have Canada back on live TV. We'll be starting the live races a month after the season start but at least there's some pretty decent ones in there. Good news about the practise sessions, thanks for flagging that up Brogan.
Porceliamone I saw an advert on BBC2 the other day where they said full & live coverage of every formula 1 race...hardly :disappointed:, bit like saying a house in a graveyard has quiet neighbours....methinks they're economical with the truth.
Pity they didn't drop Spain for Australia so we could at least start the season with live coverage.
Ah well, c'est la vie.
They can get away with saying that because all races are full and live on BBC Radio 5. Its a huge cop out.

It feels like we are on a countdown until the BBC contract expires and the whole lot gets swallowed up by the Murdoch Corperation never to be seen free to air again.


I hate the BBC for what they did to our TV coverage.

On a brighter note, it is good to see Canada live but I'd hapily drop India in favour of Australia.
Bummer. Just read the BBC article. They're only showing the practise sessions for the races they're showing on over half of the races the general public will get sweet FA live viewable coverage...but the BBC are so very excited about the new season, Yeah, right :givemestrength: . I'd got all excited at Brogan's post too. Looks like I'll just have to watch from the sidelines while you lot discuss it.
Rather risky not showing Austin. Rather banks on the championship going to Brazil or they could miss the live championship decider.
I don't think the BBC can choose all the races that they show live, hence they are not showing Australia, Monaco or USA
I can't wait for coverage of TBA.

So when that race doesn't happen do BBC get another pick or are we stuck with inly 8 live races out of 19? The deal keeps getting worse and am proper gutted we have no monaco.

Looks like I'll be forced to get Sky before too long *sigh* but then I guess that was the whole point eh?
I looked in to getting Sky the other day. £5 extra for 6 months seemed like a good deal, but they want to charge me £60 for fitting, when I am happy to do the job myself.

I may let my wife loose on them. They will be paying ME to take HD after an hour!!!
I believe that self installation is now an option?
Unless that's just for upgrades to newer/HD boxes for existing customers.
We already have a Sky+ box, and although self installation was listed as an option, it would not let me checkout my order with it selected. I think it may have something to do with them not wanting me to get a Sky+HD box free (normally £199) without them getting some cash out of me.
That has changed then because when I read it this morning, it was for all races, which is why they were promoting it so much.

Someone obviously messed up.
The way I read it said "The BBC will be showing the practice seasons for all races that they show live."

I think it was meant to be deliberately misleading...
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