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Hi all,

Just wondering (following on from the Fantasy League thread) whether there is any interest in doing a batracer game on the board?

The link is - have a look and see what you think. If people want to have a go I'll set up a private game for us.

Each race weekend takes 48 hours to complete - one day for practice/qualifying and the second for the race. Total commitment would be about 10 mins per day for 36 days (taking us up to before Xmas). It's a bit of fun and there's no problem with being a newbie, it's easy to pick it up.

We would need at least 12-15 people to make it worthwhile, a full grid of 22 would be ideal obviously. So please add your name to this thread or PM me and we'll take it from there?
Re: Anyone for Batracer?

Count me in Gordo.

I am currently 4 races into one season but I think you can play one general and one private game at the same time can't you?


Re: Anyone for Batracer?

Thanks guys.

c_a_t - I'm sure you can, I think you can have 2 games of each kind running at once or at least you used to be able to.
Re: Anyone for Batracer?

OK guys I've set up the game.

If you're already registered on batracer, click here to access the Private Game:

Alternatively, you can select "private games" from the menu and enter the number "34134" into the box. The game password is "kazuki99". Take care not to accidentally join a public game by mistake.

If you aren't registered go to and follow the registration instructions.

We need a minimum of 10 players to start the game but the more the merrier! If we can't get enough players I'll have to advertise on 606, and we don't want that do we? LOL

And yes, I have chosen to play as Super Aguri. Just call me a glutton for punishment...
For anyone new to BATracer, you have the choice of starting a new team or joining an existing team.

If you join an existing team then effectively you get 10 practice runs on each track, as long as you agree to share data of course ;)

Once you have set your team and car up, paint your helmet.

Then click on the "Engineers Advice" for Melbourne and start playing with the set up to try and get your fastest lap.
Be aware though, you only get 5 runs so use them wisely.
Thanks Brogan.

The number of runs you get depends on the experimentation level you go for on the Car Setup section. The higher you set it, the more setup data you get on each run, but the greater the risk of having an accident and losing some, or all, of your remaining runs. You have to balance it.
OK buxted, let's see if we can get someone experienced to join up as your team's over to you guys!

I'm more than happy to have a rookie team mate at Super Aguri, by the way!
GordonMurray said:
I'm more than happy to have a rookie team mate at Super Aguri, by the way!
Perhaps that's what I should have done....

There's a space on my team for any experienced players :)
thanks for that GM and you too Brogan, i'm only angling for sympathy though :D , im never going to cut the mustard against all you petrol-headed- know-everything-about-F1 blokes :)
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