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How do you rate the Azerbaijan GP out of 10?

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No passing through my dirty air please
It's time to rate the demolition derby that is the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

I quite enjoyed it. I'll give it an 8.
Eventful and good fun to watch with all the pranging, but ultimately the actual racing wasn't that great. DRS seemed to be particularly beneficial here.
I’ve given it a 6. Chaotic start and finish, and the most interesting bits in the middle were the bulls racing each other.
I gave it a 10, chaos, overtaking, mistakes, and an unexpected winner due to a car failure - even the dullish bit in the middle felt like the calm before the storm.

It was close enough to the F1 I remember from my youth to make me happy.
Best driver came fourth due to a safety car, second best driver went out with a puncture due to safety car coming in before all the debris was cleared away, Winner could not get either set of tyres to work properly but inherited it due the the safety car.

Yup. It's the first race in ages that actually had me watching (to the point where I had it on in the workshop and was watching in preference to restoring motorbikes) and wondering what on earth would happen next. It was great.

Best driver came fourth due to a safety car

He made a mistake trying to overtake in a faster car - if he's been less impetuous he'd have had another chance later on - or he'd have got back in the lead after Bottas' puncture, so he wasn't he best driver today.
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He lost his chance when the safety car came out. Had he lost through incompetence then fair enough but he was in a commanding position and did nothing wrong except lost the lottery. I just happen to thonk that it is much fairer when races are won by the best car/driver combination.
Fair enough, I tend to grade races on whether they stop me doing what ever it was I was intending to do and watch them, and this one did that in spades.

For what it's worth, whenever somone mentions races where the best driver/car combination wins, my thoughts instantly go to the ones where Senna/Schumacher/Hamilton/Vettel/Rosberg/whoever buggered off into the distance. Did the best driver/car win? Yes. Was it an interesting race? Nope.
Hamilton won so it’s a 10.

No, not really. 8. Too dull in the middle. Safety Car out too long (Grosjean!)
Still entertaining though.
Compare Azerbaijan GP 2018 votings:
ClipTheApexCOM: rate - 7,70; voters - 20
RaceFansNET: rate - 8,57; voters - 373
It is interesting that for China GP
rate in ClipTheApexCOM was 7,52
(i.e. Azerbaijan race was counted better)
rate in RaceFansNET was 8,66
(i.e. China race was counted better)
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