Audi F1?


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someone at autocar will be getting a stern telling off soon if not already :clip::spank:

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I don't see Audi group buying Mclaren outright given the ownership and what it would mean for VAG as well ..just look at Mercedes who sold their share to Ineos to save money and share responsibilities

Audi might have pulled out of Formula E to allow for possibility of F1 but even though would not want to own a whole team given it is an expensive operation

As well as Porsche also considering F1 .. if they wanted to do that they would buy a smaller team like Sauber not Mclaren

I expect two brands out of Audi, Porsche , VW, Bugatti and Lambo to appear in F1 for branding purposes but they would want to share their costs


Mercedes might want to tell someone to return all the engines from Woking before their intellectual property rights are stolen to their rivals

Is it not intriguing that BMW also have been mentioned


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Based on this article, it seems BMW is out.

Audi is likely interested in partnering in F1 as an engine supplier with some shares.



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The VAG Group as a whole consider if they will enter F1and if so which brand name will represent VAG, it's got nothing to do with history, it's money and marketing for the best return in profits. you can bet your ar:censored:e it won' be the brand name pushing EV if they do go for it.


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BmW are more likely to buy Sauber given its past association with it as well as the Andretti link.

Going back to Audi they can see what Ferrari and Merc do and will do the same so expect to see 2 brands in F1. I don't see them owning a factory team
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