Audi F1?

The rumor that will never die.

Joey Saward believes the way may be paved for a Red Bull Audi entry come 2018.

Could it be that this demolition of VW’s sporting programmes is actually the first step towards a major hybrid sporting programme for the company in 2018? And is there any place to do this cost-effectively other than in F1? As I have written elsewhere, I don’t understand Red Bull’s apparent lack of any long-term engine strategy in F1 and I cannot help but wonder if Audi and the Austrians will not take us all by surprise in a few months from now

Audi has started dismantling their chassis and aero teams but Hybrid engines are where it's at nowadays and there's really only one place to test yourself.
In all seriousness, what will Audi be manufacturing for FE? I understand they're using Dallara chassis for a couple more years.

Tough times for Volkswagen I guess.
I've been shocked at how quickly McLaren have been burning through money recently; the F1 team has (finally) got good sponsorship, and is looking sustainable, but I suspect that the McLaren group are burning through money developing supercars - there always seems to be a new model McLaren...
There is no Audi, it's just a name of one VAG trade marks, not sure of the situation but Porche were the largest shareholder in VAG, they already own Bugatti and Lambourgini so I don't see why the would want another supercar make unless it's part of the F1 team deal and it's their expertise they want, similar to the Brawn/Honda takeover, if so then bye bye McLaren sports cars they don't need them.
For me Audi which is a more luxury brand fits well with Mclaren 's image whilst Porsche the more sporty brand is probably a good fit for Red Bull...VAG I don't think we use that word too often but having both brands places them powerfully on the f1 table until they decide to leave F1 .

Interestingly BMW deny they were going to buy Mclaren as well
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