Aryton Senna Film

They've been working on it for some time i believe. From what i heard the creators have made it such that it is almost narrated by the man himself with lots and lots of never before seen footage. I can't wait for it to come out.
For me I can't wait, but on the same hand it will be hard to watch as well and keep the emotions in check.

You can see from some of the on board footage, what skills this bloke had & I'm truly blessed that I could watch him in my lifetime.

I do though hope at the end of the film it brings a message across, because as Prost said "He probably thinks he can't kill himself", and we all know that's not true. I've got bad feeling that the F1 drivers of today have that same mantra as Senna's and soon we are going to see a bad if not fatal injury with one of these drivers.

Kubica, Massa, Webber & this weekend Button have shown how close we are getting.
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