Grand Prix 2022 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

already at 4th round of the season & back in Europe, if there was ever a positive of the global pandemic, it was the calendar reshuffle with Liberty Media & F1 going to circuits we would never have been to otherwise or was seen to cant afford it Mugello, Turkey, Portimao, Bahrain outer, Nurburgring & this weekends venue Imola, what was only supposed to be 1 off, 2 day weekend what is still the latest race to take place in europe beating jerez by a week. came back onto the calendar for the thrilling wet/dry race in 2021 & then last month it signed a deal to stayed on the calendar until 2025, which any old school circuit with history will have my backing.

but out of the Race track the region that circuit is named after Emilia-Romagna, seems like the hub of Italy. as according to what i was reading it is 1 of the wealthiest & most developed regions in Europe, Bologna, has 1 of Italy's highest quality of life, the home of the oldest university in the world University of Bologna founded in 1088, 8 years before Oxford University. the former Roman Empire capital of Ravenna, 11 UNESCO heritage sites, In 2018, the Lonely Planet guide named Emilia-Romagna as the best place to see in Europe & home of automotive companies such as Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, Dallara, Ducati & of course Ferrari

although any chat of imola, it would be remiss of me to not chat about Ratsenberger & senna because tragically they will always be synonymous with this circuit & senna as you run down to turn 2 a weekend that has changed F1 forever, its sad that it took that for F1 to be that safe. or controversy that started between Pironi & Villeneuve, which actually the sprint race will be on the 40th anniversary of that infamous 1982 San Marino GP where the 2 teammates where told to hold station, Multi 2,728 Didier, Multi 2,728 Didier, while in the lead Villenueve made a small error at Piratella. rather than settle in behind Villeneuve, Pironi took the lead ahead of his teammate with 11 laps to go. Gilles thought this was faux war just to give the Tifosi value for money so the overtook each other multiple times, taking what he thought his rightful 1st place on penultimate lap & cruise to victories in successive years having won in 1981. However, on the final lap relationship would be broken irreparably, as Pironi got a run & passed him into Tosa. crossing the line just inches in front of Villeneuve. who was left furious and felt betrayed, vowing 2 things "this is war" & "I'll never speak to Pironi again in my life." sadly he wouldnt realised how true them the latter would be, as reportedly still driving angry 2 weeks later would tragically have a fatal accident on his final run at zolder after being determined to beat pironi & then 3 months later Pironi would have a fatal accident.

but back to present day our 1st sprint race of the season which could be a 1st as well because it looking quite wet on the friday but dry for saturday & sunday which will be fasinating with parc ferme closing after FP1 so set up could be very interesting, having a wet qualifying & dry sprint race. yes the sprint races are not what we expected but they did lead to 3 of the most dramatic races of the season. also sprint race was built for 2022 not 2021. & what im looking forward to is seeing Leclerc & sainz at Ferrari because not since schumacher era have Ferrari lead both championships having the best car coming into italy especially the real home of Ferrari

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Where there’s a sprint race, something different needs to be done.…

Maybe points of
15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1 for the first 8 finishers, but then they line up reversed, with 8th starting on pole (and vice versa)…
Welp, I think it's finally happened, it's been on the cards for a few years now but I didn't want to admit it.

I used to go to great lengths avoid the results until I'd seen the highlights, but now, after 40+ years, I can't be ****ed with F1 anymore.

Welp, I think it's finally happened, it's been on the cards for a few years now but I didn't want to admit it.

I used to go to great lengths avoid the results until I'd seen the highlights, but now, after 40+ years, I can't be ****ed with F1 anymore.
I went to great lengths as couldn’t watch until 8pm but hit Twitter and there were the results - George P1, Lewis P4. Quickly shutting the app I spent the next hour wondering “how?” and came to the conclusion I must have not seen a ‘1’ in front of the numbers so spent the whole sprint thingy knowing they were P11 and P14. I didn’t know what I’d actually seen was the practice results.
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Given the wet start, and Leclerc and Verstappen on the front row, I shouldn't be overly surprised to see Sainz leading into the Villeneuve chicane, and two cars in the gravel trap...
Johnny Carwash - I don’t remember that - what I remember was a promise that cars would be able to follow each other more closely - which they certainly have been able to!

Under the old regs, there would have been little chance of the 20+ lap battle between Gasly and Hamilton. However,that‘s at least partly due to the tyres.
It's the same top 4 teams from.last year except the order has changed a bit. However the others have not joined the party so yo speak
I was all a bit of a damp squib really wasn't it. Once they moved to slicks no one could go off-line to try and overtake, regardless of how closely the cars could follow each other and even with DRS.

It doesn't bode well for the rest of the season from a championship perspective, unless Ferrari can bring some upgrades. Sainz needs to up his game as well. He may well have a new contract, but he's making too many mistakes at the moment and Ferrari will need him to up his game in the next races.
I don't get why no-one's rolling the dice to slicks.... If it rains again, these tyres are going to be next to useless!
the tyres strategy shocked me. i discussing coming in as early as lap 10. the golden rule has never changed, you have to be on the right tyres at the right time & yet the teams were being far to clever, as no point in being on tyres that are 8 second slower a lap for rain that at that moment wasnt coming. Eddie Jordan won many wet races By if looks dry put dry tyres on
well not every race can be a cracker & have a enjoyable 1st 10 race. where i was coming to Andyoak point that we dont need DRS as i was loving the close Battles & great overtakes. but then as soon as it dried out it was become a tad boring it reminds of horrendous 2010 abu dhabi gp where finale became a horrendous anti climax because nobody could overtake . i think that they need to shorten the DRS zone as it was too powerful yesterday, not as much today.

Riccardio i'll give him a break because from helmet cam, it looked a nightmare, but why was he anywhere near the kerb. surely your giving them a wide berth. got out of shape crashing into sainz. how had a dreadful weekend, only person to have worse luck is Hamilton, makes it into Q2 Sainz brings out the red flag heavens open so no-one can improve, lost places being to close to Zhou incident in sprint, & then stuck in DRS train for 45 laps. the only thing you can say is that he shouldve pitted for the dry tyres as i was saying above

nearly forget driver of the weekend for me Yuki tsunoda Qualifed 17th & in the alpha Tauri come 6th. 👏👏
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