Alonso and Hamilton - Bonded by mutual respect


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I stole this from Incubus ' caption thread because it actually stirred some emotion in me and I think it's worth more than a caption. These two actually look like mates these days. I think they both feel like they are in an elite club of two, have immense respect for each other and have realised that it's lonely when you isolate yourself in the illusion that you are in that club alone. They have also both improved a lot since thier relationship has mended, or at least they dipped a bit when they were at odds.

These two drivers have divided fans with thier approaches on track, politically and with thier personalities. I can't think of a single reason why anybody could hold any dislike for either of these two characters in thier 2012 moulds. I think that they have become two of the best examples in F1 as role models in thier abilities, how they use them and how they carry and conduct themselves.

It's been an amazing ride so far watching these two grow up and I feel that I have even learnt a great deal myself in observing the trials and tribulations that they have been through and the way they have matured and elevated themselves. Fantastic ambassadors.

What do you think about thier journey from bitter rivals to gentlemanly adversaries? Perhaps you may think that no such thing has occured. I look forward to reading your comments.
I'd actually nicked the picture from Alonso's twitter (where he seems ever-present these days) where he tweeted "Another helmet for the collection!! Gracias Lewis!!! :))" etc
I was one of those who use to despise Alonso, but I later came to realize my disdain for Fernando was mostly due by the attitude of some of his fans, and not Fernando himself. Today it's hard not to admire his tenacity, and the way he takes advantage of any mistakes that his opponents may make. I believe that they both have built a honest respect for each other, which was shown in that ever so brief and exciting encounter they had yesterday at Silverstone.

I remember at Brazil 2008 after being asked who he wanted to win the title, Alonso grumbled something like "anyone but McLaren". An upstart cocky youngster and an experienced but equally self-sure driver were bound to clash but they have both matured and there is no reason to have a pointless rivalry.

Interestingly, Vettel has tried to join their exclusive club lately, neither have re-payed his complements...
Well the majority of Alonso's grievances were more with Dennis and McLaren management more than Hamilton himself. Also I think there was a mutual respect formed around 2009. Hamilton had won the world championship and Alonso had won 2 races in an average car (depends on where you stand with Singapore). But in 2009 both had very poor cars and dragged them round to places where they shouldnt be and they both thrashed their team mates. This was highlighted at Silverstone that year when they were fighting flat out over mere midfield places and well outside the points.
Well the majority of Alonso's grievances were more with Dennis and McLaren management more than Hamilton himself.


Alonso famously walked into the McLaren garage in Sao Paulo after Hamilton's title win in 2008 to congratulate him, but only after asking De La Rosa to go in first and check Ron Dennis wasn't in the vicinity!

I think Fernando had a personal dislike of Dennis that went beyond questions of team affairs. He just didn't like him as a person, that was pretty obvious.
Whilst all this is very much true, I think it is difficult to deny that Alonso and Hamilton's relationship was very much strained for a substantial period of time following events at McLaren and it took them both a while to get past the issues. whether due to persons outside of themselves or otherwise, there was quite a needle and a fair amount of resentment between the two drivers. With time brings perspective and it seems that any resentment has been overcome.
I think there would definitely have been a "caught-in-the-middle" element for Hamilton in 2007.
22 year-old, in his first season in F1. Championship contender in first season, the team gradually breaking itself apart... it's a lot of stuff to deal with for a youngster. Effectively being made to take sides he was always going to take the side of the man who nurtured his progress for years and brought him into his dream team over that of his main title rival at the time!

As for the relatively small numbeer of comments on this article, a cynic might say people are somehow more interested in endlessly controversial topics than positive stuff. 8-)

Just a video I recalled from 2009. As said, while Alonso was no doubt surprised by just how well Hamilton did in '07, his problem was always with the team, perhaps even solely with Ron Dennis but never Hamilton personally. Given Ron's history of dealing with WDCs i'm not sure what Alonso expected, but it's good to see that now there is a genuine mutual respect between the two best drivers currently racing and the arse-kissing isn't just an attempt to undermine Vettel (who I feel slightly embarrassed for, given his attempts to turn it into a 3-way mutal appreciation society are largely ignored). I'd love to see Hamilton at Ferrari but sadly there's zero chance of that happening.
Somehow the Alonso-Hamilton pairing reminds me of Lauda-Prost (ex WDC vs promising youngster). And I think Lauda had nothing against Prost, he was expecting him to be fast but not that Dennis would have taken sides and wanted Prost to win. Like in if Prost wins is a McLaren win but if Lauda does it is an individual triumph.
There was also the fact that Lauda had in 1984 extracted from Dennis the most lucrative contract ever awarded to an F1 driver at the time whereas by comparison Prost, unexpectedly fired by Renault at the last minute was suddenly available for a bag of peanuts... Dennis jumped at the chance and according to Niki in his biography was forever parading Alain as "his" bargain, his masterstroke.
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