Alonso and Hamilton are the best on the grid


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Well, according to Red Bull's Helmut Marko they are.

"There are two people that we fear for this world title," Marko told the APA news agency. "They are Fernando Alonso, because he is at his absolute peak, and Lewis Hamilton. What the others are doing bothers us not so much."

Of course we hear stuff like this all the time but this seems to be the opinion of a lot of pundits and fans.

Is he right and more importantly, is he right to come out and say it?
Massa and Button might not be too pleased to read his comments.
Whilst I agree that Fernando and Lewis are potentially the major threats to anyone's Championship asperations, it is stupid to focus your attention on them and discount other potential foes. That's how Kimi's win championships. :yes:
Love this forum, btw, where else could there be a chance that that title would not cause all-out flame war?

Anyway, I think we saw at the Spanish Grand Prix that whilst Red Bull are better in the car department, the drivers that actually gave chase were Hamilton and Alonso, and I don't have much doubt that all-around they are the best 2 drivers on the grid. They both destroyed their team-mates for 2008-09, with Kovalainen hanging onto the F1 door frame and Piquet's behaviour equally culpable for his exit.

I hoped to see a straight fight between the two of them for the Championship, (which doesn't end up with Kimi Raikkonen WDC!) but it looks like that will have to wait. Pity!
I'm with Snowy, if Red Bull ignore Button & Massa they do so at their peril. Button has proven he can be race winner at McLaren, especially in changing conditions, and Massa is no bodies fool. I think they are right to be concerned about Alonso, the petulant baby and Hamilton, the choker (a little controversy just for you TBY :D ) but the grid doesn't end there.

Anyone notice how good Kubica has been as well? If Renault improve their car further Red Bull might be looking in completely the wrong place.,,
Point taken on Kubica.

I think Massa is a good driver, but it is essentially do or die for him in the next race. If he can't beat Alonso in Turkey...

FB said:
Button has proven he can be race winner at McLaren, especially only in changing conditions

Have a look at the dry races; where has Button been? Nowhere. It looks like unless we have an unusually wet European summer Button is going to end up behind his team-mate for most of it!
Helmut Marko is probably correct when he says these two are the biggest threat to them this year. Alonso is the most complete driver right now and Hamilton in terms of raw pace and aggression is top of the pile.

But to discount Massa and Button would be very silly indeed. There haven't been any anti-clockwise circuits yet, with Turkey being the first, and we all know how good Massa is there. Button has shown remarkable skill in the decision making department this year and the further the season goes and he settles in then he will become a bigger threat in dry conditions. And Kubi has been sensational this year. If he continues this vein of form then I can see him definitely winning a couple of races whilst he's also reminding us how good he really is.
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