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I was reading the Mclaren wikipedia and found out that in 1993, they made a documentary with the BBC called "A season with Mclaren" and I found them and thought you guys might wanna see them!
Ep1 A man for all Seasons Part 1
Part 2
Ep 2 The Rookie Part 1
Part 2
Ep 3 A few Good Men Part 1
Part 2
Ep 4 The boy from Brazil Part 1
Part 2 isn't available, probably blocked by FOM
Ep 5 Friendly Persuasion Part 1
Part 2
Ep 6 The Rules of the Game Part 1
Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSB-jFbMFQQ&feature=relmfu
Ep 7 Good-bye To All That Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqYF6OzlmBo&feature=relmfu
Part 2 also blocked by FOM.
I remember that - in fact, somewhere I still have it on VHS somewhere! - Fabulous programme- there was a similar programme made about Jordan a couple of years later, but this was so much better! - Following all through the 1993 F1 season - There's a good interview with Jonathan Palmer in there talking about how Senna's driving style was different from any other driver he'd ever seen.... (I think that's in there....)...

They do rather ignore Michael Andretti though!
Who's complaining about it... Mind you, we haven't really had prime time productions like that for about 15 years! The only documentaries are hidden away on bbc4 - which is such a waste!
Over here it's only NASCAR, NASCAR :censored: NASCAR!

Agreed... I can normally watch the last 5-10 laps of a NASCAR race... 25-20 seconds a lap... maybe see the chequered flag in 15 minutes after a couple of full course cautions...:yes:

To highlight the subtle differences between the two forms of motorsport... some quotes from last years Sprint Cup winner, Tony Stewart...

I'm going to say this because I know my fans like my brutal honesty. Every year, all the competitors go out to the bar and try to get me drunk so I can't run the next day. It didn't work this time.”

"If we're going to keep fuel mileage racing, we might as well build solar cars and let the sun decide who wins"

"[Greg Biffle]'s an idiot. They name streets after people like that -- one-way and dead-end. I like the guy, we play poker together, but if I found him right now, I'd strangle him."

“Yeah, Matt always thinks that. I guess Matt didn't think anything when he got me sideways over in (Turn) 2. He should have thought about that first. He got back what he started in the first place.”
(aka - you crash me and I'll crash you back)
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