2022 Silly season


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with the success of 2021 thread, & could be another very interesting year as we are in the final year of the current regulations & 1st of the cost cap, could it be alot like 2008 where a good seat isnt a good seat in 2009


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That allows Mercedes 5 things

- Concentrate on managing the supply of engines to 4 teams in F1
- Ineos would be footing some of Hamilton's salary
- A focus on Formula E
- Get more involved in Aston Martin as they own 20%
- Split the costs for the new reg


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As for drivers one of the Alfa drivers to go and make way for Illott

What chance Illott doing a Russell and being supersub at Ferrari?

Interesting no update on Mazepin but will he be sacked before he turns a wheel for Haas?

At least 1 Merc driver will go
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