Pre-Season 2021 Testing

Johnny Carwash

World Champion
With the 1st race of the season only 3 weeks away, testing will be take place for only 3 days this year at Bahrain on starting on friday. It will be interesting to see what innovations the teams come up with, in which will be the final year of the current regulations.
3 days of testing is going to be very intresting but then they are supposed to be evolutions & as the talk was last year was would the main drivers take part we because car werent going to change that much & alot of people thought a bad 2020 car & your stuffed for 2 years. but then these tokens have made more major changes that we thought.

but i guess they are going to have get alot more in & we have a return to late 90's/early 00's season openers of where reliabilty is still up in the air
It will be interesting to see what Mercedes bring to the table, considering they stopped developing their car after either Spa or Monza last season.
Something to replace the push n pull steering wheel and make them 2 seconds a lap faster no doubt.
Since they've been banned from flexing the geometry of the steering I reckon they've developed a "pull/push" system that bends the entire car.

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well brundle also doesnt make mistakes. just prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong.

this will be his 25th season of commentary i think. which is 1 short of murray walker tv career i believe
Easy tiger, they've only been out there for two hours.

Plenty of time left for Williams to demonstrate they are the absolute class of the field and put in laps two seconds faster than everyone.
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