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Apparently "Mick" Schumacher and some guy called Mazepin will be driving for Haas next year.
yeah i think this is purely financial. because after threats to leave if the budget cap wasnt voted through. i still think gene haas has pulled some funding even though he got the result he wanted


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Having just seen the F2 sprint race results I do feel Ferrari have screwed Illott 's career a bit ever since they made it clear they really want Mick Schumacher in F1. I know there is one more round to go but it looks like a tall order to be F2 champ
I was thinking about this the other day but would he consider making an enquiry at Red Bull at least given they dont have many young drivers coming through?


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sergio has just posted this. considering he's called the press conference youve got assume this is must be leaving F1
See the conference by Checo Pérez LIVE!
Listen to what Sergio Pérez has to talk to the media after the podium in Turkey and the drama experienced yesterday in Bahrain. Hope you enjoy it!



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McLaren have offered him an Indy drive haven't they?

With very few competitive openings on the F1 grid it would seem like his most sensible option.

I'd fully expect to see him in an endurance car in 2021 as well.


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unfortunatly cider_and_toast they have filled there spots with Felix Rosenquist & Pato O'Ward, but i would love to see perez in indycar as he's got the budget & great tyre saving.

but i find it mad that 1 of the best drivers on the grid will be "ending" his career in 2 races time
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id say that you have hamilton verstappen leclerc. but he certainly as good as Riccardo in that top tier. arguably better than bottas
Nobody knows how good Bottas is because he's racing against Hamilton. Yes he had a crap start yesterday which led to a bad race, but we've seen that from Verstappen and Ricciardo in the past too.
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