Grand Prix 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Off to Imola for round two of the 2021 season with 63 laps around the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. Round one proved quite exciting, if you can remember that far back. Red Bull look to have the fastest car but Mercedes won the tactical battle in Bahrain and created the opportunity for Hamilton to use all his skill and experience to pull off an unlikely win.

There are still many unanswered questions. How will Sergio Perez get on if he can make it round the formation lap? Are the McLaren cars really the third best on the grid? Can Lando beat Daniel again? Will Sebastian Vettel work out which pedal you push to make the car go faster? How quick is the Alpha Tauri? Will Alpine run Alonso on half tanks for a second race, just to allow him to run near the front for a few laps? Have Ferrari built a car capable of a podium? Which team will finish last, Haas or Williams? Just on Haas, will Mazepin make it past the first corner?

Lots to think about, lots to look forward to and, hopefully, lots to enjoy.
That’s Sebastian ‘s problem. He hasn’t worked out that pedals aren’t important anymore. Its all buttons on the steering wheel. !
hope we are in for race as good as Bahrain. & that we a massive rivalry this season. its going to be fasinating to see how this affects verstappen because as we've mentioned this the 1st time where he has to string a season together & every race means something. for his career at Red Bull its been just a series of 1 offs

i wont write Vettel off yet. ill give to beligium as i always do with every driver,

the conditions could be interesting there is a slight chance of rain but unlikely but best case scenario at the moment is that its going to be cold & dry. similar temperatures as Nurburgring & Turkey at 13c.
i wonder if Schumacher gene will continue at imola because the Schumacher family this was most successful circuit. i believe their was a Schumacher on the podium every year (bar 1995) between 1993 & 2006. even then in 1995 there was a Schumacher on pole

dont know how but i managed to forget that Schumacher family won 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 & 2006 😄
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A fair few Championships, Pole Positions, and Race Wins in this photo.
Has there been a session that Mazespin* has taken part in, and not spun?

*I know the rule about driver names, but just this once.
LOL in 2019 he finished 18th and his team mate won the championship.
very true. he must have flattered to deceive in F2. & to finish behind sean gelael is really bad as he is shocking driver. but no point did i think he is yudi ide from 2006 or rio haryanto. he was always looked competitive

i say it would be similar to describing if danil kyvat getting a Mercedes drive. he's not a world beater but he's decent
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