Grand Prix 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Off to Imola for round two of the 2021 season with 63 laps around the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. Round one proved quite exciting, if you can remember that far back. Red Bull look to have the fastest car but Mercedes won the tactical battle in Bahrain and created the opportunity for Hamilton to use all his skill and experience to pull off an unlikely win.

There are still many unanswered questions. How will Sergio Perez get on if he can make it round the formation lap? Are the McLaren cars really the third best on the grid? Can Lando beat Daniel again? Will Sebastian Vettel work out which pedal you push to make the car go faster? How quick is the Alpha Tauri? Will Alpine run Alonso on half tanks for a second race, just to allow him to run near the front for a few laps? Have Ferrari built a car capable of a podium? Which team will finish last, Haas or Williams? Just on Haas, will Mazepin make it past the first corner?

Lots to think about, lots to look forward to and, hopefully, lots to enjoy.

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One thing that strikes me is that if they restart from a standing start, those on "even" numbered grid slots should have a big advantage, because of the racing line being on the right hand side

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Verstappen kept his head today and made it stick at the start. I bet Lewis Hamilton is chuffed with fastest lap and 2nd after his trip into the barrier. Also glad Bottas and Russell walked away from the huge crash.


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There is a saying you make your own luck in F1 and today proved both Verstappen and Hamilton had their moments in todays race yet still finished 1-2... their teammates both came away with nothing... I think Horner is a bit pi$$ed that Red Bull should have been 1-2 or 1-3


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When things go wrong for Hamilton, he so often ends up landing on his feet... I think he's still on for a podium potentially today... The lapped cars being allowed to move back to the lead lap is such a big advantage...
I should think Bottas is still on Hamilton's Christmas card list. Even when he is no where near helping Hamilton out front, he still manages to help him. In this case by being involved in an incident that caused a red flag. Without that, where would Hamilton have likely finished?


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Those will be crucial especially as Perez spun and put himself out the points...these points that Hamilton has gained in the first two races will be crucial


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A race full of incidents. A stonking drive from Hamilton up the field. Bottle and Russell Idiotic accident. And Vettel .... what can anyone say about Vettel, except Why?
Lando did brilliantly.


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ill spilt it into 2 parts. because Bottas alert, although part of me wishes he would stop being so crap. because it puts me in horrible position because i want to be polite & feel really self conciouous, as i dont want to be an "internet troll" but then every race he does something that i have to comment on :rolleyes:

ill try to be nice as i can Bottas needs to go back to 2.0 because 3.0 is faulty. i expressed my opinion on his qualifying. so i wont go over old ground. but Sunday was want of better word embarrassing. 1st of all before i even get into the crash. what was Bottas doing in 9th & racing a Williams on merit 32 laps into grand prix. his teammate was all intents purposes, lap ahead of him. closing down the leader. what was Bottas thinking. on a drying track to try to move to right slightly to close Russell down while he was alongside at 200mph,

but this comes back to a recent topic you have to give your fellow drivers respect & space. drive to the conditions. too many drivers are thinking they are indestructible now
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Just caught up on the highlights.

More thoughts to come in the good things bad things thread.


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Quite a race, lots of incidents, accidents and entertainment. Bit more of a destruction derby than Bahrain, but then it didn't rain in Bahrain.

How come the tinfoil hat brigade haven't been shouting about Bottas and Russell deliberately bouncing in to one another just after Hammy dropped it to get the race red flagged? ;)


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another cracking GP, 2 good races to start the season can we check this is F1. we are watching as i havent been bored rigid yet, Verstappen brilliant drive. got in front which was crucial but nailed everything & always made sure he had a buffer to lewis. stretched the tyres just enough to get to dry window. but another lap or 2. couldve been another bahrain disapoinment. we are in for treat this season. cracking Saturday & a disappointing Sunday for perez. to have that safety car incident as well he should know no better & then when the red flag played in to his hands he made 2 mistakes to ruin his race

i was surprised at Hamilton today. it was so out of character he has always been a guy that knows his limits. & shocked that he kept it around the outside in Vettel type move. when its obvious he would come off worse on lap 1. then to lose it under braking on slippy track. i guess it high standards of Hamilton i come to expect as he is normally flawless like turkey 2020. but then red flag showed why he won so many championships. it was great recovery drive if lucky to get back to 2nd, his consistency is brilliant

tunned at pitwall management with gasly. he was apparently losing 8 secs a lap off verstappen . but also didnt want to pit. it simple maths that if he'd pitted on lap 7 like it was obvious. he was losing a pitstop every 4 laps. but another one who rescued it to get 8th

also Norris he is a star in the making. driver of the weekend without a doubt. british F1 is very healthy if lewis ever decides to retire as we have 2 potential world champions


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I think Bottas performance was very poor

Vettel no blunders but no pace at all

Ricciardo subdued performance but will be glad he left Renault

Alonso - not on the pace but the car is off the pace and gone backwards
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