Poll 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Out Of 10

What's your rating for the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix?

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8 for me. Fantastic track that I had a feeling would catch some drivers out, although I would have never guessed that many. First podium for Albon (finally) and points for Raikkonen finally. I enjoyed it immensely, despite the fact that the drivers and constructors championship is all but a formality at this point.
6 - probably one safety car / standing restart too many but overall its great to see drivers reminded that mistakes can be punished in F1. I'd be happy to see F1 return to this track.
I've given it 5. It would have been a 4 as the motor racing itself was pretty dull (I fell asleep in the middle of it), but then an extra 1 for Alex Albon getting a podium after losing out on a few occasions previously.
I gave it an 8. I quite liked it. 3 standing starts alone makes it special. There was good overtaking too. Especially in the first stint after the first restart. There was a great race for third place and for the during the 3 starts.
There was 17 overtakings in this race.
Calculated without regard to 10 overtakings on the restart laps(10th and 47th)
But it’s not legitimate to exclude restart laps. Those contribute to what made it exciting to watch. This would have been a completely different race without the restart laps.

Just like last weeks race would have been totally different without the Hamilton penalty.
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