Grand Prix 2020 Turkish Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

On moves the F1 circus this time revisiting what is a lovely circuit in the country of Turkey. The Turkish Grand Prix circuit is something of a masterpiece on 3 fronts:

1 - it's produced such good races and has such a nice layout that no of the Clarkson purists are saying "Why are we going to bloody Turkey? We need to go to more traditional circuits" anymore.

2 - The design was perfectly laid out to suit the driving style of Felipe Massa who pretty much won all the time here.

3 - Everyone is so happy to be racing here that everyone is ignoring the fact that Turkey is a country in the grip of the Covid pandemic (400k case, 10k deaths and 2,500 cases just today), in the middle of a war with Syria, and has questionable human rights issues towards its Kurdish population.

I'm not and expert on these issue so can't preach about it but I am aware of them. I went on holiday just outside Bodrum once. It was lovely.

But what can I say about the actual race? Well nothing really because I've actually stopped watching F1 this year and just read about the races in my Google alerts. The whole thing is a big back slapping posh off excuse for an advert at moment. It's a real shame because the greatest F1 driver of the modern era is at his peak. The big business manipulation of the sport leaves him open to the "he only wins because of the car", "Anything could win in his position" and "he's not Jim Clark" comments which inevitable follow any mention of him on the internet. I'll be honest I doubt Lewis Hamilton watches F1 anymore. I really hope he walks away from the sport and goes to do something different.

So, despite there being nothing left to race for and everything being won, F1 will plod on for a handful more races to fill it's TV contract obligation and give not one hoot about a global pandemic, carbon footprint or that the amount of money spent on one simple advert logo in a spot unseeable on a car could feed a huge amount of starving families having to visit food banks right now.

Enjoy the race.
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ill talk about the race later but i just wanted to make this piece on its own. because ive just caught up & im just in awe of Lewis Hamilton now a 7x world champ, with 1 of his greatest drives im thinking its up there with british & monaco 2008, hungary 2014 germany 2018 off the top of my head it was outstanding. he fully deserves to be talked about, like S Redgrave, C Hoy, C Froome, M Farah, A Murray, B Charlton, I Botham, L Lewis, D Thompson etc & yet even more bafflingly he has his critics, ignoring the fact Di resta, Button, Coulthard have all lived in monaco & Mansell lived on isle of man

he may (i say that very gently) be the greatest of all time
I’m VERY close to giving up on it.
Cancelled Sky F1
No longer watch qualifying
Only watch race highlights
Not bothered if I miss one

It needs a big change to bring me back to my previous level of interest.

just keep with it out of just blind optimism, because F1 will be back to its best soon we just have to take some pain. but weve had worse seasons
With Mercedes poor tyre warm up they could struggle to get a podium tomorrow.

well to be fair the reason why he stayed out so long was because of that reason because Perez wouldve likely overtaken him, as the new intermediates were 6secs slower on bottas, because they took almost 20 laps to fire up. by comment last night aged quite well ;)

you have to go back to Britain 2014. for last wet qualifying session Hamilton wasnt on front row for. which funnily enough he won from 6th
didnt get better for Bottas when he got in the garage, even the turkish radio on there request hour where poking fun at him.

"shout to Valtteri, your colleagues are thinking about you on this tough day, would like us to play your favourite song to cheer you up"

im spinning around move out of my way :D

After an unpredictable qualification, we got a great race.
Happy for Hamilton: a decent race win as proof of a decent Driver champion.
And this is in contrast to the fact that not a small number of fans claim
that he is a fake champion and in his place in Mercedes most would become Champions.
Lewis gave a masterful drive today with a superb win to become, a 7XWDC clearly showing that he belongs with the greats, which the sport has produced. Note I didn't say he was a GOAT, but a member of that exclusive club of GREATS.

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton a 7XWDC....!!!!!

Very happy to see on the podium, that other 4XWDC Sebastian Vettel...…Congratulations Seb....!!!!!
Perez earned the RedBull drive today. Felt bad for Stroll.

Lewis, Perez and Vettel all showed greatness. The race also highlighted Verstappen has some more to learn.
P1 , is this the same Perez who had his arse handed to him by a bloke who only has a drive "because his Dad bought the team" for half the race yesterday? Perez had a good race but I just don't see what he has done in the 10 years he's been in F1 to deserve another go in a top team. He's often only had a drive because of the big bags of Peso's he delivers each season.

Time for a younger, more talented driver to be given a chance. We are at least clearing out some of the dead wood this year with Grosjean and Magnusson out. There are still quite a few other 2nd and 3rd division drivers hanging about though (one in the second seat at Mercedes unfortunately).
Perez is such a binary driver. He's either pulling it right out of the bag as he did on Sunday or the height of mediocrity.

If we are rightly giving plaudits to Hamilton for his fabulously measured drive in poor conditions, Perez deserves as much credit for doing pretty much the same.

For Hamilton this was one of many great drives, certainly among his best, but I firmly believe this was Perez's best drive of his career. Should that buy him more time in F1? I'm inclined to agree with FB. It's all a bit too late. Let's get some younger drivers in the cars and see what the next generation can do.
is this the same Perez who had his arse handed to him by a bloke who only has a drive "because his Dad bought the team" for half the race yesterday? Perez had a good race but I just don't see what he has done in the 10 years he's been in F1 to deserve another go in a top team. He's often only had a drive because of the big bags of Peso's he delivers each season.
Stroll did a fantastic job for 35 laps, not his fault he was finishing 9th, but this is was race you didnt want to be strategist because you were damned if you did & damned if you didnt. because whereas new inters worked a treat for Leclerc it was disaster for Stroll & Bottas. he was struggling losing so much time.

but i wouldnt say arse handed to him because perez was taking a second a lap out of him after the early spell & the gap that was 7 secs was down 2 secs. perez albon vettel were all closing on stroll. after the 1st 15 laps he was hanging on & how perez managed to keep the tyres in the window when everyone was struggling was impressive. & 1 thing about Perez. whenever there is a chance of a podium he is always there in tough races.
also its worth saying about perez for a guy that never been in a front running car. he's had a 9 podiums. to put it into perspective Kubica - 12, Hunt - 7, Sainz -2
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