Grand Prix 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

The 2020 double headers continue. At least in Bahrain though they have decided to run the race round a different layout. This will be a line it up and floor it racetrack at its absolute finest.


There will be 87 laps of a this 3.5 mile circuit. I suspect it will make Monza of the 60's, or Silverstone of the 80's seem really demanding and a bit "pedestrian". Not sure if Grosjean will be back for this weekend, I suspect not. What money on Nico Hulkenberg turning expecting to have a go in the second Haas? Fingers crossed this will be a little more interesting than last week's effort, although expect a Hamilton pole and win in anyway.
Haas have announced that Pietro Fittipaldi will stand in for Grosjean who will will have a little more time to recover.
this is potentially dreadful news for bottas, because it clear how much Hamilton has carried Mercedes at times. & we always talk about the hypothetical scenario of if Lewis wasnt there now we get to see what would happen. my money is still on verstappen this weekend

the only thing worse is could you imagine if Russell took his place & beat Bottas :o
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F1Brits_90 your right it’s no win for Bottas, if he can’t win without Hamilton racing then it calls his ability into question. If he does win though it will because Lewis Hamilton wasn’t there.
your right it’s no win for Bottas, if he can’t win without Hamilton racing then it calls his ability into question. If he does win though it will because Lewis Hamilton wasn’t there.

yes its no win but if look at how bad bottas was coming through the field on Sunday. struggled past vettel, couldnt close on Riccardo even on the new tyres. it going to be fasinating.

but i always say the Mercedes is a good car but Hamilton has made it a great car. in the same way as Verstappen with Red bull has made a good car a great car. but people look at 7 titles in a row & dont see the years in between
Surely this is the opportunity for Mercedes to get the figurative "anyone" drop them in the car and watch them win the race?

Is Nico H available?
Stick Anthony Davidson in it, he's probably got more experience in the stimulator than anyone else. Love to see him beat Bottas!
As much as I'd love to see Vandoorne (does anyone else find themselves saying his name wrong in the voice of the Swedish Chef from the muppets? - Stoofel Van Doofel has a certain ring to it. No? - Only me then) hop in the car and win, I'd like to see Russell do the same even more.
Put Vamdoorne in the Williams and let George Russell have a go.

Just before he puts his helmet on and goes out for qualifying, tell him that his entire F1 career rests on his performance over the next two days.

Then we can see if he's the next big thing or if he's not fit enough to iron Pascal Wehrlein's undies.
knowing how much mercedes love forward planning, why would you not put george russell in the car, because it perfect for them because they always say it too much of a risk because they dont know how he would perform. but here you have a perfect opportunity. what are they going to learn from vandoorne racing for 1 maybe final 2 races depending on the 14 day isolation.

but here we have george russell, the "heir" to hamilton seat, impressing everyone. & time to judge if where he is in relation to bottas for 2022
I would love to see Russell in the seat. The reserve drivers and Hulkenberg are a waste of time.

otherwise I predict Bottas for the win. Remember this is the high speed version of the track. It will be won by a Mercedes or a Racing Point.
Its got to be Russell if they want someone challenging Leclerc and Verstappen. If they go for the others then I have lost respect for Toto in trying to protect Bottas

No need for Hulkenberg but Russell has everything to gain and Bottas most to lose then so be it
Bottas has to perform this weekend.

It's a high speed track that will aid Mercedes massively.

The team will have a better understanding of tyre performance as this is a double header.

Bottas is leading the team with no pressure on track from Hamilton.

Whoever comes in won't know the car or garage as well as Bottas does.

If whoever gets the job does what Mika Salo did to Irvine at the 99 German GP then its going to look pretty bad for Bottas.
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