Grand Prix 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

As F1 continues to salvage something out of 2020 and the covid restrictions, hot on the heels of the Austrian double header, the show rolls over the border to their former imperial partner in crime, Hungary for the 35th running of the Hungarian GP as a world championship point scoring event.

As is well known, F1 first lifted the iron curtain and held an event in the then communist country of Hungary in 1986, exactly 30 years after the brutal crack down and overthrow of the government during the 1956 Hungarian revolution. By 1985 the Hungarian economy was in real danger of collapse and the governement were forced into a series of economic and political reforms. In a 1986 survey 61 percent of Hungarians responded that their position was hopeless or continually worsening. That first Grand Prix almost certainly brought some much needed publicity and a moral boost to the country. As a result of the growing problems within the country and a wider push towards reform, Hungary provided the first spark that would eventually light the end of the cold war. In May 1989 they removed the old border between Austria and Hungary allowing unrestricted travel between the two. The people of East Germany, who were alowed unrestricted travel between socialist countries took the opportunity to circumvent the hated Berlin wall by fleeing into Austria using this newly opened route. Through the summer of 89 the trickle became a flood and by October Hungary had declared itself a Republic with parliamentary elections scheduled to take place the following year and on the 9th of November the Berlin Wall opened.

The Hungarian GP circuit has changed very little since its first race in 1986. There have been modifications to the first corner altering the line into and throught it but little else. The track is seldom used outside of F1 leading to the early race weekend practice times often being misleading due to a dusty circuit with little grip. As the track beds in, the times soon fall. Known as a tight, twisty track, overtaking is very rarely an option here with CTA database statistics showing that for much of the time race overtakes are in single figures. Strangely however, despite all of this, it actually throws up some interesting results, providing debuts and debut wins for a number of drivers. 17 years ago, among the hysteria for the debut of the first ever Hungarian driver to take to the track in his home GP, Zsolt Baumgartner in a Jordan, a well known young Spaniard took his debut win and broke the record for the youngest ever GP winner at that time. I wonder what ever happened to that young driver?

Mercedes have won the last two races here but as it's a track that is less reliant on power and more on grip and handling, it tends to open the race up a little. Last years pole sitter for example was Max Verstappen who went on to finish 2nd in the race, and also qualifying gave Williams one of their best results of the season. With marked improvements from McLaren this year, who had both cars firmly in the points and top 10 all weekend last year, they could also be on for a very strong result this weekend.

Let's hope we get a classic.


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So why was Bottas unable to catch and pass Max on much newer tyres. Lewis was on old tyres and pulling a gap to Max faster than Bottas was closing on new tyres. Is he just crap or was something else going on.


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So why was Bottas unable to catch and pass Max on much newer tyres. Lewis was on old tyres and pulling a gap to Max faster than Bottas was closing on new tyres. Is he just crap or was something else going on.

Lady Cider and I were talking about exactly the same thing last night. Bottas had about 10 laps to close Max down and for 7 of them couldn't get anywhere near him then suddenly, with 3 laps to go he pulls right up under Max's rear wing and we get the usual "oh if only this race was one lap longer"

Meanwhile up front, the will he won't he saga of Hamilton making a late pit stop sees Hamilton open up a further 3 seconds on Max in as many laps.


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I wonder if it was down to the availability of "party mode" and Bottas burned through his recovering from his awful start, whereas Hamilton had plenty left for the last three laps?


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Someone has some time on their hands.

If you really want to do your homework then go back and look that Hungary has been voted best Grand Prix of the year on here multiple times - and one of the biggest advocates for it being a great circuit on here has been me, usually because I wrote the intro thread. Like I said I was being flipant because it was an easy joke to make.

During your search through my posting history I'm sure you found that a lot


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i swear RasputinLives i just stumbled upon that. trying to find a picture from watching F1 on my holidays for your point about F1 in 2019 & couldn't resist a bit of a wind up LOL
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i thought id gloated my view. but as it turns out no i didnt. but i at least i didnt leave empty handed :D

anyway after a massive tangent. i liked the Hungary last season but then i was watching it live (with watching European live its extremely rare for me) & in a bar in tenerife. probally did make it more enjoyable.
(infamous picture)

i am stupidly loyal to point i know Mercedes will win every race this season & Hamilton will equal Schumacher championships & break his race wins in sochi or 1st gp of next batch. i will still watch every qualifying & race this season. im the person that never missed a home game under david weir or nigel adkins which as sheff utd fan was low as weve been in 40yrs
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It was only pole, win and fastest lap olegg as Max Verstappen led for 1 lap. None the less though it was another dominant win for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton today.
I was wrong.
You are right.
Verstappen was leading on the lap 4.
That is Hamilton still has 6 Grand Slams left
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