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*tries to resist weighing in on 2008 and can't*

Ahem...Nico Rosberg would not have won it in 2008 because he too benefited from the act of cheating all be it unknowingly. If you want a free untampered result you would go back to the map prior to the Piquet result. This means Felippe Massa won it on half points and is now 2008 world champion (which is why when they ruled it a year later they didn't change the result).

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Since it is at the bottom of the same peninsula as Sepang and just under 200 miles away it rains pretty well the same way. Strangely I have never been there and awake when it has done so but i have woken up to see everything soaking wet.


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I can assure you it very definitely rains buckets and the monsoon ditches hardly cope, it is so heavy that if you are caught in it you may as well jump in the sea you can't get wetter LOL


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I forgotten to post what I think is greatest qualifying lap since senna in 88, basically gave him opportunity to take huge step to winning the title



It doesn't really say what they'll do if it gets too bad though. I mean will they delay it, cancel it, what? It just says they have a plan. I mean it's a bad thing to be happening, you have to feel for the poor people who have to live with it.


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Well, looks the Ferrari's are good everywhere, now getting pole on a slow track. They may well have the best car now. Shame they completely threw away the first half of the season.


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Apparently Danny Ric has been disqualified from qualifying due to his power train producing too much power. He will start either at the back or from the pits.


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How boring is this race going to be.

The fastest car once again on pole and likely to win.

It's going to be a worthless win considering it's the fastest car, etc., etc.

In my day, drivers only deserved wins if they started from the pits, in reverse, blindfolded.
A day after the GP.


Apparently Danny Ric has been disqualified from qualifying due to his power train producing too much power. He will start either at the back or from the pits.
The team said Ricciardo’s disqualification came about “after he benefitted from an advantage measured at one microsecond [0.000001s] due to a kerb hit that caused his MGU-K to over-rev on his slowest lap of Q1.”

The rules are the rules but really


See I'm not so sure it will be that way Brogan, given the front four cars here and the nature of the track I think we're going to be lucky if all four of them make it through the first few corners without at least one of them suffering major damage. None of them are the sort to back off and if we don't have at least one of them out and a safety car I'll be amazed.


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huge shock very few saw that coming but my thoughts were, was that as we have often said Lewis or Mercedes. when great pole lap like 2018 singapore, was leclerc great talent or was it ferrari had good car that took that pole. because as ive said very few saw this majority saw this as Lewis v Max you look at the odds even ferrari expected comfortably 3rd quickest. because surely that new front wing couldnt have gained them 6 tenths on Lewis 1.1seconds on Max & poteinally 65 seconds in the race in 6 weeks. that is impossible as that gained time over season not 6 weeks :o

also Vettel now that hurt because it 1 thing to be under performed but when you were great, & had a fantastic lap you still get beat for 8th time, he must be thinking what do i have to do, also Hamilton pretty fantastic lap, 8 tenths faster than your teammate if it wasnt for leclerc wouldve been star of qualifying
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