Poll 2019 Monaco Grand Prix out of 10

How did you rate the Monaco Grand Prix?

  • Pant wettingly awesome. Best race in years. 10

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  • Not quite the most awesome ever but up with it. 9

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  • I'd rather listen to Toto Wolff describe his love life in graphic detail. 2

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The usual stuff, give us your view and rate the GP.

Tell us the good and the not so good.

The happy happy joy joy and the gumthumpingly troubleyfaildowns.

Over to you lot
Because I was betting for Hamilton, I was tense until the last lap.
Not every detective read so.
And when after the race I looked at the amount of legal overtakings (only 2)
I was surprised.
7 is rate from me.
Gave it an 8 for the tension, which is a surprise for me as I typically despise Monaco, but yet again this demonstrates that Monaco has no real place on the calendar (IMHO) down to the fundamental inability to overtake. I know people go there and say the atmosphere is amazing as is being so near the cars, but frankly the racing is typically pretty terrible.
Best Monaco Ive seen in years, maybe it was because I just watched the highlights.

I'm just as shocked as everyone else will be.
Could they not just hold the race but not have it in the championship or on tv?That way the attendees could have the atmosphere whilst the rest of us play pooh sticks. 4.
3.Typical Monaco.Winning driver goes at a snails pace but still wins.Highlight of the weekend was when Nico Rosberg ran away when Hamilton chased him with the champagne after the anthems.
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Also I'd just like to comment again - it's usually FB but this time it's cider_and_toast - that having the poll with the numbers in descending order rather than ascending order makes me feel all bad inside. Like stop it already!

It like the contacts list at work that the office manager has put in alphabetical order by FIRST name. *Shudder*
RasputinLives if you were making a graph of the results the highest number on the X Axis would be at the top with 0 at the bottom.

That's the logic of having the list as 10 to 0.
Don't you mean the Y-axis? I'm pretty certain that if your x-axis starts at 10 and descends then you've got it backwards.
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