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Now this quiz should have been brought to you by Olivier, only sadly he's not been seen around these parts for some time. I hope he's okay and will return at some point in the future, fingers crossed. I told our esteemed mod cider_and_toast that if Olivier didn't return I'd pick up this quiz for him so that still was one.

Here it is then, I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to know your thoughts and scores please if you could spare a second to post them. Thanks in advance to all who take the time to do that :cheers:

1. Nick Heidfeld holds two records in F1, he has the most consecutive race classifications at 41 and the most podium finishes without a win, how many times did he grace the podium?

2. Still on records, Sebastian Vettel holds the record for the quickest F1 penalty ever. His first time in a BMW back in 2006 he was taking part in FP1, he pulled out of the garage and got a penalty, how long did it take him to get it?
6 seconds

3. At the European gp in 1997 three drivers all qualified with the exact same time of 1m 21.072s. Michael Schumacher managed it first, followed by Jacques Villeneuve. Which other German driver was the third person to put in that exact time?
HH Frentzen

4. By an odd coincidence Alain Prost won Ayrton Senna's first race and Senna won Prost's last race. Michael Schumacher shares a similar coincidence but with which other driver?
Jenson Button

5. In the German gp in 1977 a German driver was part of a remarkable situation that has never occured before or since, what did Hans Heyer do that was so different?
He failed to qualify but started the race anyway, had to retire and was then disqualified for his trouble.

6. Heinz-Harald Frentzen was known for his ultra smooth driving style. In what kind of vehicle that belonged to his father did he learn to drive that smoothly?
A hearse

7. Mercedes have won the constuctors championship with their own cars five times, but their engines have also helped two other teams to win said championship. Can you name the teams, and for a bonus point, the years this happened?
McLaren 1998 and Brawn 2009

8. To date Germany has produced 53 drivers who have raced in F1, can you name them all? Kidding!! Just name the three who have won the drivers championship.
Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg

9. When he won his first race Sebastian Vettel became the youngest driver to win, he was 21 years and 73 days old at that time. How old was Michael Schumacher when he won his first race?
23 years 240 days (One point if you get within a year, half a point if you get within two years, a bonus point if you got it exactly right to the day)

10. Ayrton Senna holds the record for the longest run of consecutive pole positions with 8 but how many did Nico Rosberg manage in 2015?
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