Poll 2019 Canadian Grand Prix out of 10

How did you rate the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix out of 10.

  • 0 - I wish someone would remind me about these Grand Prixs. I missed it again.

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  • 8 - Hosting the pre and after race shows

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  • 9 - An hour long life stories interview with Jenson Button and a years contract to host Sky F1

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Okey dokey then peeps.

It's time to drag ourselves out of the stewards office and on to the podium to give our opinion of the Canadian GP.

I have a feeling this one will be a bit of a hot topic.

The votes will be counted in 7 days.

Anyway, here we go.........
Is there to be a vote on the after-race shenanigans as well or should we count it as a whole?

How does one brine pasties?
1. Not only for the poor decision of the stewards to award a time penalty to Vettel,but also the failure of the new regulations to improve overtaking.
Vettel couldn’t have done anything differently in his situation. It’s all very well saying he could have lifted to regain control, but after 20+ years of competitive racing that’s not remotely likely. However, Hammy was impeded, and not marginally. He forced the error from Vettel and ended up on the receiving end, in a dangerous situation - so I can see why the stewards gave the penalty.

But I don’t think they should have. In the context of the season and F1 as a whole it was the wrong decision. It could have been said to be a ‘racing non-incident’ and that would have been that.

Mildly entertaining otherwise. 5.
I gave it a 1 simply because there were no minus options and I couldn't give it a 0 as I watched it. I wished I hadn't thanks to that penalty.
I'd give it a 6, it wasn't that bad, there were some nice overtakes (a couple of nice ones from Kvyat) and the last 20 laps were thrilling. I'd say that it wasn't great in sporting terms but as a form of entertaiment it was ok
Having upper hand in 2 sectors, Mercedes either underperformed, or more likely, Sebastian produced something special.
The number is 5 in my book.
I gave it a 2. It was quite dull, and then the stewards intervened, and any excitement that might have happened evaporated.
A 5 from me. It would have been a 2 but the friendly banter between Magnussen and his pit crew was quite amusing.

"The worst experience I have ever had in a race car"

In precis "It's your fault for hitting the wall yesterday. It resulted in a lot of work for the mechanics so shut up and drive".

There's nothing like a happy team.
I gave it a 7 but notice that I'm one of a few to give it such a high rating. I might have to review my excitement levels :D
A four.

Stewards office aside there wasn't a great deal to shout about. Brundle proudly telling Sky viewers after 20 laps that it was shaping up to be a classic was utterly laughable.
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