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what a fantastic race with mothers day events didnt get to it til late last night, easily best race since American GP. i told you these rules would be better once we got to Bahrain. of course glad lewis/brit won but Toto Wolff reaction told you he knew he wasnt delighted as he knew that they were well & truly beaten this week. absolutely gutted for Leclerc but we seen it so many times down the years thinking mika monza 99, spain 2000, lewis brazil 07, massa brazil 08, Le mans 2016? this sport can be so cruel. leclerc can be proud. easily driver of the day & he proven that hes more than a force in F1 this season. as the title odds have proven 12/1 pre race 11/4 post race

Vettel took advantage of the poor start, took the lead but im trying to remember the last time & his teammate overtook him for lead, as cant remember Kimi or Riccardio doing it & i have to think back to the webber days in 4 straight title years. then again a silly mistake he always capable of one. pressure is on him now because when teammate challenges him he often dips

few final bits Gasly another poor race he shouldnt be battling with the toro rossos & still couldn't finish the top 6, but its fine because as we all know helmut marko & Red bull are very well known for their patience. in letting their drivers settle in . Haas pace was a strange one where did there pace go from qualifying. Renaults strange double DNF, something electrical appartantly. Norris was fantastic, exceeding my expectations of the car & driver. 6th place what a drive


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Just something to note - for the first time in nearly 2 years Kimi gains positions on lap one of the Grand Prix!

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Oh dear Radical F1 I hope you recover soon. I recorded the race and watched it back this morning, I wished I hadn't now :teary: Poor Leclerc and what was going on with Vettel AGAIN?

It wasn't just the two Renault drivers that broke down, Sainz went out in he Renault powered McLaren on the same lap.
It was like the engines had a suicide pact or something. As I said in the other thread, Norris was lucky to finish given that. He drove well again. Oh and Kimi in the Alfa looked pretty racey for a while there too.
YepI was a zombie at the office today and was feeling really terrible for those who has engine troubles particularly Leclerc. It was too early in the season to be having troubles like that. But like he said in his interview, that's racing !

Enjoy your day Angel


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It hasn't started yet, no one seems to be asking for Vettel's sacking. I don't think that Schumacher Jnr will be in a position to move into Ferrari anywhere soon, the pressure would be too much for him, if he does well (and Giovinazzi keeps on underperforming) he might have a chance at Sauber, even if I would assume that wehrlein is the first in the queu for that Sauber's seat
Have to say I was very underwhelmed by Mick Schumacher in his F2 debut weekend. The F2 field is not as strong as it was either so was expecting him to be more prominent. I think F1 really wants to write the heartwarming story of the son of Schumie rising to the top of the sport but I'm yet to be convinced of his talent.

Having said that Ferrari's other academy drivers Illot and Alesi don't look any better so if they are looking at ditching Giovanazzi - and want to go through their own pool rather than a Merc cast off - then he is probably the choice next year.
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My heart is still a little bit warm from the Schumie brothers. I think Jnr can wait a little bit longer.


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Publius Cornelius Scipio RasputinLives We suddenly have great PR about Ferrari rather than the stone cold silence of last year
Did not Ferrari learn from Toyota " They signed Schumacher but the wrong one!"

Schumacher Jnr's name has suddenly gained interest he really does not need the distraction right now and focus first on delivering in F2 before getting his shot at F1

Illott did mention he raced against Albon, Norris and Russell in junior category so his progress into F1 has slowed compared to the others


I am not saying Ferrari will make a knee jerk reaction to sack Vettel but the momentum is with LeClerc who was suppose to be learning from Vettel this season


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I'm afraid Illot didn't get anywhere near the top 10 in F2 this weekend Il_leone and was out classed in GP3 last year in the end. He has a long way to go to be anywhere near an F1 drive.


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RasputinLives Then he has fallen way behind his rivals from his junior days an agree of all the British drivers - he's probably going to take the longest to get there
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