Grand Prix 2019 Austrian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Something different... Hope u enjoy
Lets hope for a great race guys!


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Interesting decision. I can see the argument that both Canada and this incident was illegal. I can also see the argument that neither Canada nor this incident were illegal. I am not sure I can see the argument that Canada was illegal and this was legal. I definitely cannot see the argument that Canada was legal and this was illegal.


Both incidents were incidents! With different outcomes...

One a steward that made a bad call, the other more.... lenient.

Max always gets away with them


For Verstappen entering right hander with excessive speed with a car under control, he had to end up with him gravitating towards outer edge, regardless how much space he had on his right, and it was inevitable that at some point he will cross path with Leclerc. Whether he should bear some or all responsibility for it is the question stewards should be looking at.

I think he should be responsible for his driving. That diving off his into turns without worrying about others is really questionable. He has done it to Vettel a few times already. Here he banged his wheels against Ferrari (I think 2x), which is another issue.

All those who defend Verstappen, try to substitute names like Hamilton in a red car, and Vettel (in RBR), and ask honestly yourself, whether you would be just as benevolent to Vettel, as you are to Verstappen. This might be a true test of your objectivity.

What's with Ferrari and Vettel? Bad strategy, bad tire, bad or rather botched pit stop, WTH?
Yes, I agree with you, I have been quite vocal on MadMax and his moves. But I think he has matured in the last year or so


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Well well well. A race! Hamilton and Vettel check out for the day and we're treated to a amazing Verstappen going head to head with a top class LeClerc. Exactly what we all needed. Let's not forget to mention a brilliant drive by Norris and a quite mind blowing drive by Sainz from the back. Oh and let's not forget a really competent drive from Giovanazzi to break his points duck.

So it seems what F1 needs is to shuffle out the old guard. Although having said that Kimi gained positions on the first lap for the firsttime I can remember in years! :o

Oh and well done Honda! how do we make sure it's like this 65% of the time rather than 5% of the time?


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what a :censored: race, if only F1 could be like that every weekend, if F1 ever need a stonking race it was today. from 1 of the lowest point as f1 fan to 1 of highest. I felt positive coming into the race that we had a potential for a decent race for the 1st time in 3 months, that race grew in greatness edge of the seat stuff Verstappen what a drive who saw that coming when he bogged down at the start being 8th. I thought he had a chance at taking the win or least challenging once he overtook vettel, I thought he has got a shot at this. as I saying on formula e, when Verstappen was charging through the field & that great battles with vettel bottas & Leclerc did we care that they were V6 hybrids, technology, Pirelli tyres. we just cars fighting each other on limit with uncertainty which is all we ask. I was gripped edge of the seat stuff. it was that good even my mum was glued to final laps

on the incident at the end, I was quite surprised there was no penalty but like Canada all over again. not because I felt it was a penalty I thought it was hard racing all over again even if it did look a bit dodgy wheels turning in looked like Leclerc was forced off. but Verstappen was more than alongside & on inside. Leclerc should've conceded the corner. but that the rules I assumed would need a penalty so im surprised but delighted that a entertaining race wasn't spoilt. . as was coming out 2 weeks later still the canada penalty was right but rules were wrong, we need to change the rule to a deliberate act. neither were deliberate neither need penalties. rules aren't helping as written. because the Vettel/Hamilton & Verstappen/Leclerc battles are what we all want to see & what we have all tuned in for

on the others, Mercedes I wouldn't say poor because every other team would be satisfied by 3rd & 5th. for lewis that if bottas was going to beat him he's only lost 5pts compared to 7pts In Mercedes 1-2. both McLaren drivers are have a good run of form & proving that it wasn't a fluke & maybe finally after 6 years McLaren are finally on the way back. Williams for the 1st time 20 laps where fighting other teams in haas, & toro rosso


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also I forgot I was so conllicted in those closing laps. because 1 hand I wanted Leclerc to win because he deserved it for Bahrain, today comfortable drive for 67 laps & his drives this season. but then Verstappen was on a mission today it reminded me of Mansell Hamilton effect we have seen at Silverstone, where the crowd gave extra umph & horsepower. so I thought both would've thoroughly deserved the win today


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Both incidents were incidents!

that's the whole point they are racing incidents & as I said back Canada was what happened a deliberate act, as that rules was brought because of Schumacher 94 & 97 neither were deliberate or malicious so neither should be penalties

F1Brits_90 not only do we only see cars fighting but we don't care who builds the car either. If you'd switched Red Bull, Ferrari and Merc for Prema, Campos and Carlin everyone would still have been on the edge of their seats.

that what I said on future of F1, the technology the tyres are all nice bits on the side. but when were young very few loved for the sport the tech reason we watched every weekend for racing like we saw today, in F2 & Formula E. we get a 10-12 race like that a season very few will be complaining about the engines, tyres or other stuff that is moaned about now


Congratulation to Honda for first success, what could be one of many more. After experiencing so much pain, and spending fortune to overcome roadblocks tossed in your way, you have overcome. I am elated for you, and your Japanese supporters.


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One thing that bugged me silly this weekend and it was highlighted by how good the racing was is how bad the coverage of it was. It harked back to the early 80's at times.

Following Verstappen around, he pulled off a great overtake (Bottas I think?) and instead of following him through the corner to see how much speed he could carry and if he got out of shape in the exit, just after he passed the apex we cut to cheering Dutch fans. Exactly the same thing happened after he scrambled past Charles.

Once Max was off and running, all eyes ran down the time sheets to the ever narrowing gap between Seb and Hamilton. It was now down to 3 tenths. All eyes of course except the director who just about managed to cut to Seb as he exited the corner ahead of Hamilton. We were then treated to a couple of replays but all the tension and drama had gone.

A good director should add to the excitement of a race not detract from it.

I wonder if Liberty could employ Danny Boyle to direct each race weekend??


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I have to say cider_and_toast I was thinking the exact same thing. When Max was about to go past Seb we cut to Bottas going through the corner just in front of them and held the shot to see what order they came through it in. Maybe a dramatic tension moment in a movie but amazingly frustrating in F1.

It really is getting worse and worse. This year has been terrible.


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I've noticed this more and more over the last few years, particularly towards the end of tension is starting to ratchet up they'll cut away to the crowd, musician who's famous somewhere (but no-one quite knows where) looking a bit disinterested on their tod watching it on a screen in a garage, or second cousin twice removed who just happens to be good looking. Be funny if they did this in football when there's goalmouth action or literally during taking penalties. It does kill all the flow.
And there are too many replays of non-events.
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