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I had 230 virtual quid on Lewis but I'm not sad. Wow what a race. Max is a driver that I just have a love for he is exciting. Charles is a great driver but it wasn't his day. Max to come back after that shit start was amazing.

Lewis had it all to do new wing cost him 9 seconds. Seb had a great race too. BUT Mclaren are my drive of the day Sainz comes up from know where after his gear box penalty but Lando was in my opinion only trumped by Max today as driver of the day. Lando is a super star who need to get Gasleys seat for Spa. Honerable mention to George Russel 67 seconds ahead of his team mate the highly regarded RK. it's time to fire Kubica and Gasley, and time to put Russel or Lando in Gasleys seat.

Depite being a Hammy fan boy I loved it. Max Lando Charles Russel we have the next generation making waves. I love it.

MAX score 10.

Brirtish GP live on CH4 next oh yes.
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7. Good race. Two Mercedes were out of it because of overheating problems....so was a great two car race for the win and nice scrap for 6th through 8th.

I guess we will find out later who actually won it.
Was going for a splendid 8 with a cherry on top but had to give it a 9 after Crofty turned the smarm up to 11 in the promotion of his "Crofty talks shite" section of Sky F1. After telling everyone who said the last GP was arse that they were oh so wrong because we finally had a race and that this was how F1 is always great regardless, the stewards looked set to bugger the result up and Crofty suddenly had to suck back a little and turn the schadenfreude down a bit.

So a 9 it is.

What a splendid afternoon of racing and a great job by Lando as well.
just finished & what a race, if only F1 could be like that every week, that was edge of the seat stuff & cars pushing to cars limit not tyre limit. that Verstappen v Leclerc battle was epic

if ever F1 needed back to back races it was this weekend. from 1 worst ive seen to 1 of the best of last 5 years
I gave it 8, a good race with plenty going on to keep you watching. This is more how F1 should be in my view.
What we learned from Austria

- Lance Stroll - perhaps he should not bother with qualifying since he is almost guaranteed to be eliminated - 13 in a row
- Kubica - driver of the day apparently but 3 laps down including being lapped by Russell - what are Williams waiting for to drop him?

- Haas - the car is awful - the fact that they managed to get beaten by a Williams as their tyres are destroyed too quickly:o. They are potentially one of bottom 3 teams. They must be thankful that their car was good in Melbourne and Spain. Any power track coming up is hiding just how bad their aero is

- Gasly - lapped by his teammate:o not a top F1 driver and clearly under pressure. It is a matter of when he will be dropped

- Norris - World champion is written all over him - MClaren must hang onto him and give him a top car

- LeClerc - if Ferrar stop interfering then this guy will be fighting for podiums at each race

- Verstappen - give him a challenge to overtake if you want to see entertainment

We saw potentially the future of F1 in LeClerc, Verstappen and Norris
yeah when in a race there is no safety car & from last to 8th is very impressive. just what he needed after a Renault spent longer chasing him than racing for them

i want to give a mention for George Russell in a pretty terrible car & he is doing a brilliant job 1st 20 laps he was fighting with another car
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