Pre-GP Quiz 2018 USA Grand Prix Quiz


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I know it's still almost two weeks to the race but I thought I'd put this up now since I have finished it and checked it. I hope you all enjoy it.

1. In 2013 Vettel won the race in Austin, it was one of a record number of wins in any one season, a record that he shares only with Michael Schumacher. How many wins did he get that year?

2. Scott Speed, who never really lived up to his name in F1, took part in 28 races for Toro Rosso. It wasn’t exactly a huge success but how many points did he score over those 28 races?

3. From 1960 to 1968 only British drivers won the USA race. There were five in total that took the honours, Stirling Moss, Innes Ireland and Jackie Stewart took a win each but which two drivers took the other six between them gaining three each?
Jim Clark & Graham Hill

4. Many may have tried but only 5 F1 World Champions have also won the Indianapolis 500, can you name all five?
Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi and Jacques Villeneuve (half a point if you get 3 or more)

5. When Scott Speed’s results weren’t that good and he fell out big time with the Toro Rosso management he was replaced mid season by a current driver, but do you remember which one?
Sebastian Vettel

6. The USA prides itself on producing world champions in all sport, though they haven’t had much success in F1. Only two men from there have been crowned F1 World Champion, Phil Hill and Mario Andretti. What year did each man achieve this success?
Hill 1961 & Andretti 1978 (half a point for each)

7. Out of twenty races in 2017 Hamilton won nine, including the USA gp, on his way to the title, but how many times was he not on the podium?

8. Austin is the current home of F1 in the USA, over the years the race has had many homes. Which out of the many locations has held the most races to date?
Watkins Glen

9. Haas the only current American registered team in F1, has the dubious honour of being in the top ten of all time of teams who have yet to trouble the podium with a visit, their best finish to date being a 4th place in Austria this year. In how many races have they taken part with no podium finishers?

10. It’s well known the US fans love beer and hotdogs. On average almost 33,000 gallons of beer is drunk over a race weekend.. If the hotdogs that were eaten over the course of an average USA gp were laid end to end, how many miles do you think they would cover?
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