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A 5. I debated this for a while and was considering a higher rating...but....let us look why this was not really a great race.

1. Hamilton conceded the lead early to Raikonnen for the sake of preserving his point lead.
2. Mercedes then threw away his race with a too early pit stop.
3. While it was a very tense run towards the finished by the top five.....there was only one real pass (Vettel on Bottas) at the end.
4. Hamilton conceded second place to Verstappen for the sake of preserving his point lead.
5. While Verstappen went from 18 to 2nd....it really wasn't that great of an accomplishment. With the rest of the pack being so poor compared to the top six cars, any of the top six cars starting from the back, will end up in 6th. In this case Verstappen was helped by Ricciardo dropping out, Vettel spinning, Hamilton taking a poorly timed pit stop and Bottas being somewhat ineffective. They kind of the gifted Verstappen 2nd.
6. In contrast, Vettel spun, dropped down to 15th and still got back to 4th. These are not great drives with such superior cars.
7. Bottas was mysteriously ineffective and not fast enough.
8. The best of the rest race sorted itself out without a lot of drama after the first lap.

In the end, this really was not a great race. It just looked better than the last couple.
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