Grand Prix 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

So on we go to Budapest (well Mogyoród but anyways) for the 33rd Hungarian Grand Prix. Its the 32nd to be held at the Hungaroring in a row. There is only Monaco and Monza that have been on the calendar for a longer span without any gap. That makes this race a true F1 classic although most won't call it that. The boffins over at wikipedia state 'Due to the nature of the track, narrow, twisty and often dusty because of under-use, the Hungarian Grand Prix is associated with processional races'. Clip the Apex however says differently with Hungary winning the best race of the year more times that any other track. Lets face it there have been some classics. Button winning in a Honda, Heiki winning his 'first of many', Danny Ric showing the 'ladies' how its done, Damon Hill making an Arrows car look like a world beater, Boutson inventing the Trulli train and one of the best wins of all time from Nigel Mansell. Will this years race live up to those standards? I guess we're going to find out.

Hungary itself is a very interesting and beautiful country. It was first defined as a nation in the 9th century, having what it describes as its golden era up until 1526. Then the country was occupied by the Ottoman empire which lasted all the way up until 1699. Hungary then came under Habsberg rule. You might think this has nothing to do with F1 but you would be wrong. Currently racing in F3 is one Ferdinand Habsberg who is a direct descendant from that royal family. Ferdinand is attempting to get into F1 so all that is relevant honest. Under the Habsberg's it was part of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire but after being on the losing side of WWI it was split into two. The borders defined for it then (1920) remain the borders it had today. At the start of WWII Hungary decided to form an alliance with the axis powers. It seems old habits die hard as last year the Hungarian track formed another axis alliance as German Seb Vettel took the win there in the Italian Ferrari. If you are my age and a 20th century history nut Hungary is most famous for its 1956 revolution where students riled up the population to overthrow the puppet government put in place by the Soviet Union. This seemed like it was going to be a success with the USSR even announcing it was going to withdraw troops. However they changed their mind and invaded Budapest and other parts of the country. The Hungarian held out for 6 days with 2500 being killed. 200,000 fled the country as the iron curtain came down. The USSR won but it lost all at the same time as their actions largely turned Western Marxists away from their cause. Talk of the revolution was completely banned from the Hungarian population meaning a whole generation grew up not knowing it even happened. I once met a Hungarian gentlemen who was a qualified historian who told me that until 1990 he had never heard of the 1956 revolution. Just to put that into context, if you'd been in Hungary in 1989 the average citizens would have been able to tell you more about Theirry Boutson and a Williams Renault than they could about their countries own history.

Speaking of Mr Boutson and the day he conquered Hungary - With all these he said/she said calls for penalties on the radio these day I always think back to that 1990 race and a move by Senna on Nannini. Watch it here at 1m 25 and tell me if you think there was a penalty.

The answer is no there wasn't. It wasn't even mention. it was just part of racing. Nannini retired and Senna went on to get 2nd. Later on it the footage Berger tries the same move on Mansell and puts them both out. To say we are living in a different era is an understatement.

Anyways thats my ramblings about Hungary. Its been a topsey turvey kind of year so I'm venturing no predictions for the up coming race other than it will be dominated by Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. Lewis Hamilton has won here more times than anyone else and comes off the back of his greatest win ever. Of course its only his greatest ever win since the last greatest ever win he had but good all the same. The script should say he comes here on a high and kicks everyones bum. Script isn't always followed this year though.
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This was Piquet, probably F1's least popular world champion.

This involved Senna, probably one of F1's most popular drivers and someone who didn't often get overtaken.

This was Hungary, a track where we are told, every year, you can't overtake.

This was awesome.

The race at Hungary I remember most is 1997, that brilliant start by Hill in the Arrows sweeping round Schumacher in the Ferrari. It was looking so much like Arrows would get their first ever win and then Hill started to develop an issue and on the last lap, or the one before last can't recall for sure which it was, Villeneuve going onto the grass to pass him for the win.

As a Hill fan my then husband (now ex) was gutted, as a Villeneuve fan, apparently it was my fault :rolleyes:
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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's finally happened. On this day, the 25th of July 2018, we have found Jacques Villeneuve's fan.

The search for Lord Lucan, Elvis and Shergar continues.

Hey, I am also a Villeneuve fan. Was watching him in Indy Cars before he got to F1.

From watching Indy Cars, I had my doubts that Michael Andretti would succeed in F1. I did not have doubts about Villeneuve (or Montoya).
OMG we've doubled the number.

Only joking.

To be honest, before he took a huge dump on his own career by thinking he could be the star in the bar, he was a better driver than a lot of people give him credit for. His later years and his more recent ramblings in the press do his reputation no favours at all.
Hey, I don't like Villenueve as a commentator. He seems to go out of his way to say weird, extreme and obnoxious stuff.....perhaps to make sure he gets some air time. I don't remember him being like that when he was racing.
When I joined my screen name was Jayvee, then I was in his fan club for a while and I spent a lot of happy time at JV World on that forum too. I still have a lot of memorabilia of his, some of it signed.

As for the way he is now, I reckon the bleach he used to put on his hair did something to him. He always had an opinion as I recall, that's part of why I liked him, but he was never as outspoken as he is now.

RasputinLives ROFLROFL There's a show on tv next week about what happened to Shergar, an investigative thing about what really went on, you could have saved them a lot of trouble by the sound of it.
I look forward to the Hungarian GP each year about as much as I do a visit to the dentist, which is really unfair as it has produced some crackers on occasions. Let's hope we actually have a three team battle at the front this time out.
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