2018 FIFA World Cup Groups Quiz


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Haven't done one of these for a while...

A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay

1. Games at the World Cup will take place at the Olympic Stadium situated on the outside of Turn 4 of the Sochi street circuit. Which driver has qualified, if not started, 3rd at every event in Sochi?

Valteri Bottas - he started 2nd in 2016 due to a grid penalty elsewhere

B: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Iran

2. The Moroccan and Portuguese Grands Prix both debuted in 1958. Which driver won both inaugral editions?

Sterling Moss

3. Who is the only Portuguese driver to finish a Spanish Grand Prix?

Pedro Lamy

C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark

4. No Australian has ever made the podium in Australia. Who was the last Frenchman to make the Australian podium?

Olivier Panis in 1995. Of course, it was for Ligier in 2nd place, only 2 laps down on race winner D. Hill(!)

D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria

5. Argentina won and hosted the World Cup back in 1978. Local hero Carlos Reutemann raced for Ferrari at that year's Argentinian Grand Prix. Did he succeed at becoming the best South American driver at that race?

YES! He was 7th behind 5 Europeans and a US American

E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Switzerland

6. An ePrix in Switzerland was this weekend won by Lucas di Grassi in Zurich. How many career points did Sebastien Buemi score in F1 at Interlagos?

A) 0, B) 2, C) 5, D) 11, E) 17

B - he scored 2 points for finishing 7th back in 2009.

F: Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Republic of Korea

7. How many of the four Korean Grands Prix saw the National Anthem of Germany played on the podium?

3 - all for Vettel in 2011, 2012 and 2013

8. Put the four Grands Prix of this group (German, Swedish, Mexican, Korean) in order of how often they have occurred.

1. Germany 62
2. Mexico 18
3. Sweden 6
4. Republic of Korea 4

G: Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

9. Who was the last English driver to win the Belgian Grand Prix without a Mercedes engine or power unit?

Damon Hill for Jordan-Mugen-Honda in 1998

H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

10. Who has the best career Suzuka result? Kubica or Montoya. Half point for correct driver, half point for the result.

Montoya was 2nd in 2001, thus better than Kubica's best of 9th in 2006 and 2009. (OK, he was 2nd in Fuji in 2008, but that's not what the question asked, is it?)
3 - very good quiz, but should been 5, talked myself out of 1 & 4. did we really have 4 Korean gps i thought it was only 2:D
3 1/2, almost 4, but I changed my mind on the result in the last question at the last minute, duh!
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