Grand Prix 2018 Canadian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Montreal is the world’s second largest majority French-speaking city, appropriately enough after Paris. It is also the second largest city in Canada, after Toronto. It is not the capital of Quebec nor of Canada. Is it always a bridesmaid?

Well, maybe in an F1 sense it is appropriate that this city’s circuit be named after Formula One’s ultimate bridesmaid, Gilles Villeneuve. And I’m sure many of us had Jarama on the mind as Ricciardo slowed in Monaco...

However, this circuit has spurned many a bridesmaid down the years in favour of Lewis Hamilton, who seeks to match Michael Schumacher’s remarkable seven wins at this circuit. Hamilton has always shown a great affinity for this circuit and will surely go well again.

It is still to be seen, however, if this is still a Mercedes circuit. While the silver arrows flowed beautifully through the fast curves of Catalonia, the fastest circuit yet encountered (Baku) saw Vettel on pole and Räikkönen putting all the sectors in if not on the same lap. Maybe Baku’s closest twin will deliver another fast day for Ferrari. Then again, Hamilton somehow won that race.

Max Verstappen, fresh from failing to win in Monaco when in the only healthy version of the fastest car, is suffering some reputational damage for the first time in his short career. Personally, I expect famine or feast in Montreal.

As for the others, well, it’d be nice if there was a chance for any of them. They’re all fighting for 7th though.

Who’ll be truly Montrealais this year, and finish 2nd? Time will tell!
Not surprised. All his engine parts have been failing! Hopefully that means he can with the fully updated Renault engine then as Renault were being coy with giving Red Bull the latest update due to 'allocation issues'.
Although it is ridiculous that we are already getting engine penalties at this stage of the competition. 'nuff said me thinks
These penalties were supposed to drive down costs and yet they haven't worked at all. The teams just use the new parts and take the penalties. If you have a fast enough car anyway you don't have to worry, unless maybe if it happens on a circuit like Monaco, you'll be back near to the front and score big points anyway. So what's the point?
can he take a full new set of everything in every session to beef back up his allocation?

No, the loophole was closed for 2017 (after Hamilton did that in Spa 2016)

If driver takes penalty unit #1 and #2 in the same event, then #1 can't be used again.
I told you all the solution at the beginning of the year, all the teams should have taken four extra power units in the first race and all taken the same grid penalties. The FIA would have gone in to melt down.
If Ricciardo is going to avoid a penalty he might have to be more restrained and careful in the practice sessions.

Hmm no engine upgrade for Mercedes, I bet Ferrari are rubbing their hands together in glee, I would be if I was them.
They seem to be fast anyway. I do hope they don’t run away from lap one. That would be really boring.
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